Beginning Wednesday, March 25 at 6 a.m. Randolph Health is no longer accepting visitors. People will not be allowed to visit friends and relatives in Randolph Health. This is to protect patients and staff from spreading COVID-19. 

There are only a few exceptions to the no-visitor restrictions. 

 Laboring women – regardless of age – will be allowed to have one person with them for their entire hospital visit. 

 One parent or guardian will be allowed per child receiving care. 

 Exceptions can be made to allow a total of four people to visit those nearing the end of life. People should talk with the patient’s nurse about these and other situations. 


Randolph Health appreciates the public’s support in these extraordinary times. 

These restrictions apply to all services at the hospital. If accompanying a patient for a service, we request that you remain in your car until treatment is done and the patient has safely exited the building. 

This is a rapidly evolving situation and Randolph Health will take additional steps to help control the spread of the virus as necessary. We encourage visitors to utilize other forms of support, such as phone calls or video chats on personal phones or mobile devices. 

Randolph Health continues to work with national, state and local health agencies as well local, county and state governments to prepare for COVID-19. Randolph Health appreciates your help during these challenging times to help stop the spread of COVID-19.