The murder trial of Glenn Hogan moved into its third week with witness testimony expected to continue today. Since last Wednesday there have been a number of witnesses detailing what authorities believe happened that evening.

Hogan, 23, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Joe Shuping on Dec. 31, 2015. He is also charged with three counts of felony kidnapping, three counts of felony robbery with a dangerous weapon and felony conspiracy. Hogan is one of four individuals, all facing the same charges, in this murder; however, Hogan is the first to go to trial on the charges. The other co-defendants are Marvin Peterkin, Jose Sauceda Lara Jr. and Reuben Saldana Gonzalez.

The first week of the trial revolved around seating a jury, with actual testimony beginning one week later. A number of individuals testified early on (see last week’s Montgomery Herald for full details). This past week saw a multitude of witnesses. 

State Bureau of Investigation Agent Kelly Cummings, who assisted the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in gathering and photographing evidence, as well as documenting the crime scene, testified on Tuesday afternoon, noting agents typically work from outside in and that is the approach he used as well. Cummings noted an unusual scene on the front porch of the farmhouse, where Shuping was found. Cummings testified about seeing a walking stick with a rope tied around it. That rope was then woven through gas cans and a chair sitting nearby, and tied to a lighter that was wedged into the front of the screen door. 

 To read the full story see the October 2 edition of Montgomery Herald