Reagan Latham

MOTHER AND DAUGHTER - Jessica Stewart Latham, left, smiles lovingly as her daughter, Reagan, squeezes her cheek. 

Reagan Paige Latham of Candor, now just shy of 3 years old, was born with a rare genetic disorder: Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1A or von Gierke Disease. This disease is complex – basically, Reagan’s body will not store glycogen, which is what the body uses for fuel. Since her body will not store it, she must eat every couple of hours and her diet must be regulated. That means when she goes to a birthday party, she has to sit by and watch the other children eat ice cream and cake.

As her mother, Jessica Latham, put it on the GOFundMe page where they are raising money for a service dog that can help Reagan know when her sugar is out of sorts, “Most GSD patients are on low-sugar diets that restrict almost all fruits, dairy products and simple sugars. No candy, cake, ice cream, juice, or other sweet, sugary treats are allowed... EVER!”

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