The contractor building Montgomery Central High School walked out of a called construction meeting last Thursday. Following the usual introductions, a fairly new employee to the construction company Branch Builds stated,  “I need to let you guys know that we are not able to participate in the meeting today. We see this meeting as a meeting between us, the owner and the designer, and not necessarily other parties.  It is corporate policy; it is not anything specific to this job or anyone in this room. It is corporate policy, so we will have to abide by it.

We would like to follow up with you guys afterward and figure out a way to communicate.”

When asked by the Herald if they were saying they did not want the information to be public on what they are doing, Branch’s representative said, “I am not saying that at all. All I am saying is it is corporate policy.” County representative Chris Hildreth asked,  “Is this a new policy?” The response was, “It is not a new policy. I was in attendance last meeting and saw that you were being here and determined it was a corporate policy and we cannot participate in this manner. Not withholding information, not trying to not communicate or anything of that manner at all.”   Architect Todd Berg asked, “Would you participate if the newspaper were not here.” The Branch representative responded, “Yes.”

To read the full story see the March 25th edition of Montgomery Herald