Living Donor

POST-SURGERY REUNION - Atisha Carrillo, left, got to see her kidney donor, Jill Galloway, soon after surgery. 

This is part one of a two part feature. Living donors are people who are willing to sacrifice of themselves. Their unselfishnes cab be a potentially lifesaving decision.  Part one is the story of the recipient.

Without even knowing, you probably encounter a person who is in need of a lifesaving transplant monthly – you just don’t realize it. Atisha Carrillo of Robbins was a person like that for several years. A diabetic for much of her life – Atisha had just seen her doctor and thought all was well. Diabetes was still present, but nothing unmanageable. She was working, taking care of her husband and children; life was hectic, but what most would call normal. Then a tragedy occurred, life changed, she went on dialysis and was in need of a kidney transplant.

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