The Uwharrie National Forest is planning prescribed fires over the next few weeks. The dates will depend upon weather conditions.

The prescribed fires will occur on six separate days, in areas that are divided into small blocks, to minimize the amount of smoke each day. Nearby communities include the Roberdo and Troy area, the Correll Road/Dusty Level Road/Mt Carmel church community, and the Hunter Glenn subdivision near Highway 109. Smoke modeling will be done for each burn and every effort will be made to minimize smoke impact to these communities.

The objectives of the fires are to reduce fuels in areas where homes and structures near the forest are at risk in the event of a wildfire, and to restore the longleaf pine ecosystem.

Burning days are changeable because the proper conditions are needed; wind and relative humidity are key factors in fire behavior, safety, and smoke control. Prescribed burning will only occur when environmental conditions permit.
For more information, contact the Uwharrie National Forest at or (910) 576-6391.