Life as a child was fun

RETIRED AND ENJOYING LIFE - Doris Steele of Mt. Gilead enjoys flowers and nature. She also loves her family, a trait learned from her mother and father, Lena and Tom Marshall. Photos by Jon Galloway

Born in Troy in 1949, Doris Steele and her family lived north of Troy just past Densons Creek. “It was a lovely place,” Steele stated. “We were the only black family that lived there. All the other black families lived on the other side of town, what we called the holler. Some called it the bottom. We lived on our little farm with my mother and father.” 

She was one of 12 children. “We had so much fun growing up,” Steele stated. “We didn’t have a lot, but we had each other and that’s all we needed.” Her parents, Lena and Tom Marshall, made sure that the family was close.

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