Main entrance to new school

MAIN CORRIDOR - This is the front entrance to the central high school. In the white portion of the yellow and gray wall will be the Timberwolf logo. The second story to the left will be a glass wall. The concrete block in the foyer entrance had to be redone after crews ran out of a particular type block and used leftover block instead. That has now been corrected. 

While Branch Builds’ officials still refuse to meet if newspaper personnel are present, officials representing the county give the Herald detailed updates as soon as the meetings are over. Included in the last update was the fact that at least two sub contractors are contending nothing is wrong with their work, despite there being noticeable issues with the floors and the concrete work. 

The problem with the floor is the finishing work on them not being done correctly. During the meeting it was described as being much like waxing a car and you skip a step entirely or you do not fully complete the step and the end product is not what you were told it would be. Branch Builds is bringing in another sub to correct the work of the original sub and Branch will have to absorb that cost. 

The same with the concrete issues as Branch is bringing in another contractor to redo the problem areas in the Career and Technical Education facility and the dugouts, and Branch Builds will bear that cost also. 

To read the full story see the June 17th edition of Montgomery Herald