Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in the March 26, 1970 Montgomery Herald.

Anna Dennis was almost 85-years- old at the time this article was written. She was the aunt of Marie Morris, Becky Dunn, Blanche Harris and Jesse Dennis, all of Troy.


By James H. Arthur


We admire people who display courage. We also admire steadfastness of faith in the face of repeated misfortune, which is an evidence of courage. Sometimes we make heroes out of famous people who have displayed some great courage. Sometimes there are heroes all around us who go unsung. Of such, we think, are Anna Dennis and her late husband, Deaton. 

Anna Hunsucker and William Deaton Dennis lived in the neighborhood of Liberty Hill Baptist Church, about eight miles west of the town Troy. They were married April 12, 1903, and started out to rear a family. Shortly thereafter they moved to Exway, which is about 20 miles south of Liberty Hill. But they kept their memberships in the home church.

Their first child, Delma, was born January 17, 1904. Lily was born April 8, 1905. Nannie was born February 12, 1907. Their fourth child, Loy F., was born March 13, 1908, and died July 30, 1908, and Deaton and Anna made their first trip to Liberty Hill Cemetery to bury a child.

To read the full story see the June 3rd edition of Montgomery Herald