Montgomery County Public Utilities has confirmed the recent taste and odor issues in the public water supply are due to an algae bloom in Lake Tillery, which is the raw water source for the County’s treated drinking water.  Algae are very tiny, often microscopic, plants or plantlike organisms that live in water.  When environment conditions are right, the rapid growth and accumulation of algae can cause a bad smell and taste in the water. 

Algae growth is being successfully eliminated through the water treatment and filtration process, and there is no risk associated with consumption of the treated water.  However, the aesthetically displeasing odor and taste remains as a byproduct of the current treatment process. 

Montgomery County Public Utilities is installing an additional treatment process at the raw water pump station to correct the taste and odor issues.  The process will be implemented immediately.  Taste and odor problems should begin to improve when the new treatment process becomes operational by the end of the week (July 11, 2020).

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this rare environmental event.  Customers may contact Montgomery County Public Utilities at (910) 572-1221 with any questions.

At this time, there are no directives being issued in regards to public recreation in Lake Tillery.  However, information related to algae growth and interaction with blooms can be found at