Montgomery County School Board members were presented two school calendars to consider for next year’s school year during the regular board of education meeting last week. One calendar starts the school year approximately two weeks earlier than the other and basically follows the community college schedule. That calendar also allows students to complete exams prior to Christmas break and is preferred by high school teachers; however, elementary and middle school teachers appear to favor the later calendar and board member Sandra Miller reminded the board those students are impacted by decisions as well.

Kevin Lancaster, assistant superintendent, reminded the board the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction says counties can only start school on the Monday closest to Aug. 25 and that is what the county has been doing for the past 10-15 years, noted Lancaster. That date was established after the tourism industry lobbied hard for a later date so as not to interfere with potential vacation time during the last few weeks of August. Lancaster noted that prior to this change, high schools were able to finish first semester and exams prior to the two-week break for Christmas. Some school systems have simply reverted to the old calendar schedules. Knowing that, Lancaster prepared two different calendars.

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