Vet honored

HONORED - Bob Lowdermilk of Mt. Gilead was recently honored during an N.C. State game for his service in WWII. Lowdermilk graduated from State in 1949. Photo courtesy of Gregory Forwreck of N.C. State

Bob Lowdermilk of Mt. Gilead was recognized during the half time festivities at the N.C. State-Syracuse football game played on Oct. 10 at Carter-Finley Stadium. Lowdermilk is one of a quickly diminishing group of men and women who fought in WWII. Lowdermilk stated that he entered N.C. State University in 1941, but his graduation was postponed until 1949 because of the war. 

“It was nice to be honored by N.C. State,” Lowdermilk stated.

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