Safe Haven Baptist Church of Montgomery County N.C. to Dean P. Davis, Star Township, 2 tracts, 0.82 acre and 1 acre. $30,000.

Ronnie L. and Brenda D. Phifer to Kevin E. and Stacey D. Ponder, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 210. $65,000.

The Larry G. Blackburn and Helen S. Blackburn Revocable Living Trust to Mark L. and Robin L. Lehman, Eldorado Township, 10.003 acres. $48,500.

William Daniel Thompson, Katherine W. Harris /AIF, Wesley Warren and Cathy Gaddy Thompson to Jimmy Marvin Jr. and Elizabeth C. Harris, Troy Township, Bk 603, Pg 338. $0.

Beverly Gail and Dallas Marie Stevenson Glascow to William Clinton Glascow III, Eldorado Township, Pinehaven Estates, Lots 396 and 397. $0.

Eleanor N. and Johnny Curry to Eleanor N. Curry, Pamela H. Luton, Mark W. Hawkins, Daniel E. Hawkins, Joseph K. Hawkins, Benjamin E. Hawkins, Lot 2, MB2, Pg 79, Bk 559, Pg 881, Life Estate. $1,500.

Kenneth M. Sr. and Carolyn J. Daywalt to Kenneth M. Daywalt Sr., Gary Lee Daywalt, Trina F. Daywalt, Pee Dee Township, 4.69 acres, Bk 214, Pg 823. $500.

Rayfield and Barbara C. Oglesby to Patricia M. Harris, Dixie Shores, Lot 611. $2,000.

Roy Michael and Cynthia Gail Ridenhour to Roy Michael Ridenhour, Uwharrie Township, recom and renum Lot 1337, Woodrun. $0.

Cordelia Emaline Brown Weant, Howard Elmore Brown to David Johnson Brown, Patricia Brown Underwood Rivers, Cordelia Emaline Brown Weant, Eldorado Township, Lakemont, Lot 17, 0.37 acre. $0.

Joseph Carson and Amy Renee Thompson to David L. and Wanda B. Hawkins, Troy Township, Westover, Lots 31-34, 98-101. $7,500.

Shannon M. Ross to Timothy D. Ross, Eldorado Township, 2 tracts, Bk 476, Pg 722. $0.

Timothy D. Ross to Shannon M. Ross, Eldorado Township, Pinehaven Estates, Lots 750-755. $0.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Margaret Ann Poole Conklin, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, 300 sq. ft. $1,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Michael Ross and Paula Kay Jones, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, 408 sq. ft. $1,000.

Sandra T. Newell to Benjamin Talbot, Sydney Williams, Troy Township, 5.97 acres, Bk 290, Pg 60. $148,000.

Irrevocable Agreement with C.A. Cannon Dated 5/12/53 to Woodbury Holdings, LLC, Southpoint, Uwharrie Point, Lots 30 and 31. $0.

Bob and Sheila K. Lalonde Brewington to Gary Jason and Cara S. Haywood, Mt. Gilead Township, Bk 550, Pg 740, easements. $210,000.

William A. and Charlaine G. Howell to Jeffrey W. and Darlene P. Furr, Twin Harbor, Lot 94, Bk 700, Pg 906, right of way, easement. $45,000.

Sheila D. Menendez to Walter Cray Jr. and Frances Marie Haulenbeek, Cheek’s Creek Township, 4.31 acres less exceptions. $64,500.

Barbara and Donald Vandusen to Herman Barrett and Lisa B. Cheek, Dixie Shores, Lot 88. $435,000.

Steven J. and Kristen S. Colwell to Robert James and Jane Cashion Brietz, Allenton Ferry, Uwharrie Point, Lot 38. $715,000.

Daniel Threadgill, Keith Overton to Holly McCaskill, Old CC Wade, Lots 7-10. $91,000.

Daniel Threadgill, Keith Overton to Cliff Loflin, Morton Lot, Hwy 109, Bk 813, Pg 517. $0.

Alexander W. and Jayne B. Dupre to Philip J. and Megan G. Conley, Fairway Shores, Lot 43. $300,000.

Charles Todd Moore to Charles Edward Howard Jr., Troy Township, 4 tracts less exceptions. $180,000.

David E. Jr. and Laura Monroe Harris, Stephen Alexander McCallum to Stephen Alexander McCallum, Biscoe Township, recom new Lot 2, 4.24 acres and 88D, easement. $7,000.

Jeffrey Todd and Michelle Jones Lovell to David Hamilton and Olivia Rives Kiefer, Pee Dee Township, The Landing, Lot 12. $181,000.

Robin L. and Eva Dawn Griswold to Clarence D. Dickerson, Pinehaven Estates, Lot 496. $4,000.