Felecia D. Chambers to Jamaine Lamar Horne, Mount Gilead Township, Myrtlewood, 2 tracts. $61,000.

Joey L. and Julie Batten, Denise Batten and Ricky Jacobs, Fred B. Monroe Sr. to Robert Dewey and Joan Kellis Jackson, Biscoe Township, 3 tracts. $132,500.

Tommy L. and Debra G. Hussey to Jay and Bobbie Outlaw, Eldorado Township, Lake Shore, Lots 53-56. $30,000.

David R. H. and Margaret P. Griehsbach to Patrick N. Rivenbark, Fairway Shores, Lot 10. $275,000.

Susan G. Hinson to Karen M. Scott, Biscoe Township, Lot 3A, 1.005 acres. $85,000.

Pamela B. McCraw, Pamela M. McCraw, Mark A. McCraw to Michael W. Jr. and Michelle R. Smith, Eldorado Township, Badin Shores, Lot B86. $63,000.

Charles Bruce and Rebecca Darnell Hill Brown, Lorrie Brown and Ervin Page Lowe, Rebecca Brown and Jeffery Hayes to Johnnie G. Deaton, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 179. $55,000.

Benjamin C. and Julie Tuggle to Larry Wallace Swaim, Eldorado Township, Lake Shore, Lots 43-46. $15,000.

Andre and Linda C. Van Der Westhuizen to Michael A. and Breanne Burris Marshburn, Pee Dee Township, Swift Island, Lot 40. $638,000.

Jimmy Wall, Linda D. Marshall to Eric Marshall Jr., Rocky Springs Township, Tract 320, 11.292 acres. $0.

James and Carolyn B. Carpenter to Christopher Bryon Carter, Eldorado Township, 2 tracts, Green Gap Trail, easement/agreements. $150,000.

Martha R, Beard to Hartsell & Company Construction, LLC, Uwharrie Township, Woodrun, Lot 323. $14,500.

Carolyn Kitts to Stephen Douglas Hartsell, Uwharrie Township, Woodrun, Lot 1003. $12,500.

Mark K. and Tracy L. Dirks to Craig J. and Janet L. Conrad, Eldorado Township, Pinehaven, part of Lot 45. $320,000.

Michael Wayne and Debra Louetta Docalavich to Stanley Wade and Peggy J. Castor, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 127. $75,000.

Deborah Hunsucker, Deborah A. Hunsucker to Heather H. and Brian T. Elam Jr., Ophir Township, 0.30 acres. $0.

Ramon Morales, Juana Martinez Mendez to Nancy Veronica Salmeron, 2 parcels. $20,000.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. to Winfred Lemons, Lot 1, 2.12 acres. $16,000.

Sandra L. Hursey, Sandra Durham to Julia H. Beal, Eldorado Township, Pinehaven Estates, Lots 875, 876 and 1193. $18,500.

Tracey Lemonds to Ryan McDaniel and Bonnie Christina Baker, 4 3/4 acres. $156,000.

John Charles and Amanda E. Collett, John C. Collett, Charles Lawrence Everhart to Samuel Edward Everhart, Mount Gilead Township, Tract 1, 11.76 acres, Tract 2, 8.38 acres. $0.

Thomas W. and Nancy K. Floyd to Barbara Boswell and Bradley Scott Maynor, Uwharrie Township, Woodrun, Lot 1080 and 1081, .79 acre. $535,000.

George Clayton and Thelma Moore to Christy and Richard Railey, Holiday Shores, Lots 100 and 101, less except. $2,500.

Southeastern Land & Timber Co. LLC to Brittany Chriscoe, Holiday Shores, Lot 484. $1,000.

Southeastern Land & Co., LLC to Brantley Harper, Holiday Shores, Lot 485. $1,000.

T & A Wood Products, L.L.C. to Troy Lumber Company, Troy Township, 2 tracts less exceptions. $101,500.

James Mebane and Jeanne Winstead Robertson to Starr V. Melton, Twin Harbor, Lot 25. $49,000.

James E. and Cassandra S. Williamson to Arnold Robert III and Kathleen Brennan Thompson, Pinehaven Estates, Lot 178, 0.214 acre. $430,000.

Gail Greene Gallimore to the State of North Carolina, Rocky Springs Township, Tract 1, 1.80 acres, Tract 2, 33.91 acres. $107,500.

Margaret S. Hartsell Irrevocable Trust Dated July 19, 2011 to Beverly H. Elingburg, Montgomery Heights, Lot 4 less exceptions. $0.

Margaret S. Hartsell Irrevocable Trust Dated July 19, 2011 to Beverly H. Elingburg, Montgomery Heights, Lot 3. $0.

Donald Wade and Lois Bennett Blair to William Harvey and Gayle Deaton Mayo, Lot 8, BK808, PG276. $625,000.

James A. and Penny C. Fisher to Guy Carl Bising Sr., Jean Marie Fisher, Uwharrie Township, Woodrun, Lot 1439. $12,000.

Teresa Wicker and Charles W. Barham Jr., Robert William Wicker Jr. to Quality Automotive of the Triad, LLC, Badin Shores Resort, Lot 19. $16,000.

Bruce Shannon and Jean Ann Haywood to Kathryn Kimrey, Mount Gilead Township, 5.81 acres. $0.

Richard W. Whitt to Shea B. Walter, Troy Township, Tract 8, 2.000 acres, easement. $82,000.

James E. and Cassandra S. Williamson to Amanda Sugg and Donald Bruce Honeycutt, Pinehaven Estates, Lot 1188. $7,000.

Pennie J. and Roger Blake, Barbara T. Gibson to Michael L. and Robin D. Brown, Badin Shores, Lot 147. $77,500.

Paul T. and Brooke Y. Childress to Curtis Lee and Jill Irene Heffelfinger, Pee Dee Township, The Landing, Lot 23. $625,000.

Delores Chriscoe to Hector I. and Maria Jimenez, Biscoe Township, 0.42 acre, easement. $50,000.