Land Sales Beginning June 10 (run June 26)

Deborah Ann and Howard Millirons to Howard Millirons and Deborah Smith Millirons Irrevocable Trust, Twin Harbor, Lot 60. $0.

Steven D. Jester, Steve D. Jester, Amanda H. Jester to James E. and Brenda K. Crocker, Eldorado Township, Badin Shores, recom Lot B17. $37,500.

Steven and Amanda H. Jester, Steven D. Jester to James E. and Brenda K. Crocker, Badin Shores Marina Boat Slip, Unit 38. $0.

Troy and Ellen Hall to Larry Lee and Crystal Strawderman, Mt. Gilead Township, 5.65 acres. $55,000.

Julia Adams Clark, Gail Bruton /AGT to Juliana Clark, Troy Township, Tract 1C, 7.076 acres. $7,000.

Michael Dylan and Abby Danielle Woody, Michael Truett and Tina N. Woody to Kady Elizabeth Woody, 2.08 acres, BK819, PG798. $0.

Jessica Brewer Richardson to Charlotte Rose Lamonds, Star Township, Edgewood Estates, Lot 4. $0.

Johnny O. Eubanks, Pamela Dawn Fortin, Pamela Dawn Eubanks to Pamela Dawn Fortin, 0.23 acre, BK284, PG284. $0.

Eliza S. and Alexander Patterson to Eliza S. Patterson, Betty J. Patterson, BK166, PG833. $1,000.

Blake Family Partnership to Crystal Lemonds, Biscoe Township, 5.63 acres. $8,000.

Julia J. and Bobby H. Myrick to Kelly S. and Catherine N. Kellam, Biscoe Township, Tract 1, 5.001 acres, easement. $17,000.

Charles and Jennifer Holder to James Alfred Clayton, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 167. $15,000.

James Robert and Judy Carol Johnson Horne to George James and Judy Earnhardt Kafka, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 159. $30,000.

Michael Eugene Callicutt to Department of Transportation, State of North Carolina, deed for highway right of way, Little River Township. $3,000.

Dale M. and Bonita M. Simpson to Dale M. Simpson, Woodland Estates, Lots 6 and 7. $0.

Janna Rae Shofe to Marla Coulthard, Star Township, BK551, PG420. $50,000.

Donnie R. and Melinda A. Williamson to Christopher D. and Erika R. King, Eldorado Township, Badin Shores, Lot-B117. $22,000.

William C. Neumann Jr. to Brandon Paul and Katherine Marie Martin, Eldorado Township, Badin Lake Estates, Lots 900 and 901. $99,000.