45 years ago


This week in 1974…

Richard Bowman of Mt. Gilead caught a 29 pound snapping turtle while fishing for bass in the Gillis Hall pond in Ellerbe. The turtle measured 19.5 inches from side to side and 21 inches from head to tail, and its head was 7.5 inches in circumference. Bowman said that a Richmond County game warden estimated the age of the turtle to be between 35 and 40 years.

Montgomery County’s first annual tennis tournament, sponsored by the Biscoe Lions Club, was declared a big success with 32 entries – 25 male and seven female. Winners in the tournament were Jimmy Blake, runner-up; Sonny Garner, winner; Carol Fite, winner; and Sue Bruton, runner-up. Garner won a total of 40 games to his opponents’ three. Miss Fite won 30 games to her opponents’ eight.



35 years ago


This week in 1984…

Coy Jackson demonstrated an all-but-forgotten farming operation as he cut and shocked on his farm near Biscoe. Jackson said Alexander Martin taught him to cradle and shock wheat 45 years ago and he still does a few shocks by hand every year as a reminiscent gesture for those who remember firsthand and to show those who do not how different farming was in the olden days.

Steve Russell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Russell of Troy, was named winner of the 1984 Dekalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award. The award was presented to the senior agriculture student attaining the highest degree of proficiency in scholarship, leadership and a supervised agricultural program in a production area of agriculture. Steve graduated from West Montgomery where he had been vice-president and reporter of West FFA.


25 years ago


This week in 1994…

The North Carolina Baseball Coaches Association named East Montgomery’s Jerry Daniel as it’s Region 4 Coach of the Year and East pitcher Greg McNeil to its 1-A high school All-State team. McNeil will play for the East team in the seniors East/West showcase at the state games. This year’s showcase will be held at Durham Athletic Park.

East Montgomery students were volunteers at Camp Celebrate, the N.C. Jaycee Burn Camp. The camp is designed for burn victims between the ages of 4 and 17. The volunteers from East Montgomery were Talitha Auman, Danielle Cagle, Summer Russell, Jasper Smith, Aimee DeBerry, Tim Hester and Sharon Yow.

15 years ago


This week in 2004…

Jordan Lumber was picked as Business of the Month by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. Jeff Jordan, Susan Huneycutt, Debby Eudy and David Dowdy placed the sign in front of Jordan Lumber.

The Montgomery Community College Joblink Career Center was awarded Sampson Model status by Dr. James P. Sampson Jr., the model’s creator and consultant to the North Carolina Department of Commerce. Dr. Sampson was highly complimentary of the MCC Center. “I just love coming here,” Sampson said. “You were good initially, but you have grown even better. It isn’t just the physical layout, it’s the people. This is the best center I’ve seen.”



10 years ago

This week in 2009…

Roy Ackland of FOX 8 News visited with the Allen family (Von Allen, Nick Allen, Mike Allen, Preston Allen, Melissa Allen and Marva Allen) of Star. The family owns a 1942 Beechcraft AT-11. The last of the AT-11’s were used by the Royal Netherlands Military Flying School in WWII.

With the days winding down until the 25th running of the annual Demolition Derby, veteran driver Danny Gray is busy putting the finishing touches on his No. 3 car. Gray, who won the derby in 2004, has been entering the derby since 1998 and has become one of the more consistent drivers in the event, having qualified for the grand finale every year. Gray not only has one of the better running cars, but his car paint jobs have also won several Best of Show trophies.