Tiger shark

Local boys catch large tiger shark off the shore of Oak Island. From left, Dustin McCallum, Nathan McCallum and Zach Atkins.

 While surf fishing on Oak Island where two shark attack victims lost limbs the day before, three Montgomery County residents came face-to-face with a 7-foot-six-inch tiger shark. According to shark expert George Burgess, the tiger shark fits into the category as one of two potential culprits in the attacks off the North Carolina coast. The other is the bull shark. 

Brothers Nathan and Dustin McCallum, and a friend Zach Atkins were doing what they typically do during their summer vacation at the coast, surf-fishing for sharks. Ironically, this year they were fishing from the shore on Oak Island. On the evening of June 15, N. McCallum got a hit on the blue fish he was using for bait. 

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