The Montgomery County Tax Department closed Thursday afternoon because of a COVID-19 outbreak. According to Interim County Manager Ray Allen all of the department’s employees have either tested positive or have been advised to quarantine by their physician.   

"Unfortunately the tax office is very busy currently due to payments coming in the past few days to meet the January 5 deadline, and because tax listing began on January 2," stated Allen.

For the present we have put up a sign advising the public that the office is temporarily closed and posting a telephone number for citizens to call.  One or more Tax Department employees will check the voicemail for this number, and will have access to their desktop via a laptop or home computer.  However, as I understand it they will not have access remotely to the tax software.  

Allen is working on a strategy for continuing to provide services and "but regrettably there is going to be some inconvenience to the public for a few days."