Ready for takedown

Officers from all across the county responded to assist Troy Police Department with a standoff at a residence on Dennis Street.

By Tammy Dunn


Earlier this afternoon Troy Police Officers were called to Crouch Street in Troy in reference to a home invasion in progress. That home invasion started a chain reaction of events that led to a standoff with police that lasted approximately three hours. At least some of the individuals involved in the initial home invasion were back at their residence on Dennis Street, which is behind the home where the home invasion occurred, by early evening causing trouble again, according to Troy Police Chief James Atkins.

Atkins said a 16-year-old male, along with Teriena Oxendine, kicked in the door at the Crouch Street residence, pointed a gun at the people inside, which were identified as Leah Harris and Randal Burmeister, and began grabbing items from the residence.

When officers arrived Oxendine fled into the nearby woods, but was later taken into custody after being spotted by Emergency Management Director Robbie Smith. While trying to arrest the 16-year-old male juvenile a struggle ensued. The juvenile’s father, Joshua Jones, who was recently released from prison, came out of the Dennis Street home and started threatening the officers. They instructed him to go back inside at that time, which he did, only to reemerge with a firearm, which he raised toward the officers, according to Atkins. Jones eventually placed the gun on the ground, but as he was being arrested, he began to fight with the officers. Jones was able to retrieve his gun and flew back into the house where his wife, Yolanda Jones and 13-year-old daughter were. 

As officers tried to enter he barricaded the doors, refusing to come out. Chief Atkins initiated a conversation with the woman and her daughter, eventually getting them to come outside on the porch. The pair repeatedly yelled and screamed at officers, with Jones eventually coming off the porch and standing in the yard. The daughter came down a short time later and as officers were instructing them to move to a safer location, a struggle ensued and the 13-year-old juvenile and the mom were both taken into custody.

The Stanly County SWAT team arrived with an armored vehicle, that had an extended ram rod used for safely entering locations where subjects refuse to come out. After Jones still refused to leave the residence, the SWAT team rotated between ramming the old trailer, where the family had recently moved and pausing to give Jones time to surrender. In addition, team members fired numerous rounds of gas canisters into the residence in an attempt to force Jones to surrender. SWAT team members eventually entered the residence, where they discovered Jones hiding in a back bedroom under a bed with blankets and debris covering his head and body. 

Joshua Jones was taken into custody and charged with four counts of assault on a law enforcement officer by pointing a gun, resisting arrest, obstructing an arrest and delaying an arrest. He is being held under a $41,500 secured bond. Yolanda Jones was placed under a $1,000 unsecured bond. Oxendine was placed under a $3,000 secured bond and the two juveniles, including the one involved in the initial break-in were released after juvenile services refused to do a secure custody order on them. Three of them were back at the trailer before the police had completed processing the scene, where officers recovered three guns.

Video taken moments after the home invasions shows the 16-year-old male running around the back yard with a gun swinging and using it in a threatening manner. 

A short time after the officers left the scene, 911 calls of a disturbance at that location began coming in.

This story will be updated as information becomes available.