An order to show cause was filed last week against local attorney and N.C. Sen- ate candidate Brooke Crump. The show cause order is lengthy and lays out a case alleging professional misconduct, stating, “Attorney Crump has, on multiple occasions, made claims and contentions unsupported by fact or law, made false statements of material fact to the court, engaged in conduct involving dishonesty, deceit, or misrepresentation, and otherwise violated the North Carolina Rules of Professional Con- duct. Attorney Crump’s misconduct has significantly disrupted and impaired the orderly administration of justice in this District and poses an ongoing threat of significant harm to the administration of justice.

The order states the judicial authority to bring such action is “well-established in North Carolina common law and ‘is not dependent upon statutory authority. It arises because of a court’s inherent authority to take disciplinary action against attorneys licensed before it; an authority which extends even to matters which are not pending in the particular court exercising the authority. This power is based upon the relationship of the attorney to the court and the authority which the court has over its own officers to prevent them from, or punish them for, acts of dishonesty or impropriety calculated to bring contempt upon the administration of justice.’”

To read the full edition see the June 15th edition of the Montgomery Herald