Susan White

A cluster of drug overdoses has law enforcement on high alert as they work to pinpoint where the drugs, believed to be laced with renantyl, are coming from. Last Thursday evening, following another overdose death, authorities finally received the lead they needed. 

The overdose, at a residence on Shiloh Road in Troy, provided detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office with enough information for them to obtain a search warrant for a residence on Warner Road in Troy. Sheriff Chris Watkins said, “Detectives were able to gather information from persons close to the victim of her most recent whereabouts and that location may have been the source of the drugs leading to her death.” Two individuals, Jonathon Khrangtong and Souvanhxai Khrangtong, were located at the residence and charged with a series of offenses.

To read the full edition see the November 10th edition of the Montgomery Herald