Brian Elam Jr.

CATCH - Brian Elam Jr. with one of his hauls.

Here in Montgomery County, there’s a young guided fishing service that’s making waves figuratively and literally on the local honey holes. “Outdoor Finatticz,” run by Brian Elam Jr., started last year around May, and 2021 will be its second year in operation. The charter is a catfish guide service that fishes the Pee Dee River and Lake Tillery.

When asked why his primary target species is catfish, Elam said, “I have caught plenty of fish but nothing pulls harder than a flathead, and I like to put people on flathead catfish. There’s nothing like the power those fish bring. Plus people like catching big fish and that’s the biggest freshwater fish we have in the Carolinas. The catfishing world has really grown over the past 10 years and now we are seeing bigger turnouts in catfishing tournaments than bass locally.”

For the full story, see the May 19 issue of the Montgomery Herald.