New members

NEW MEMBERS - Newly elected county commissioner board members take the oath of office last week during the December meeting of the board. From left, Mary Hassell, Dana Dawson and Kay Robinson.

Montgomery County Commissioners have delayed a decision once again regarding the request from the local chapter of the NAACP to remove the Confederate flag emblem on the backside of the statue. The issue first appeared on the commissioners’ agenda in September, but was referred to the monument committee at that meeting. The monument committee initially released one recommendation, only to later change their minds during their presentation before commissioners in October. At that meeting Commissioner Grant Hinson, who had worked with the NAACP on the resolution, recommended postponing the decision until the December meeting when a new board would be seated. That move was approved, so it was somewhat of a surprise when the board, who were aware of the pending decision, decided to table the decision once again.

For the full story, see the December 16 issue of the Montgomery Herald.