A giving heart

Elizabeth Abbott-Snavely was always helping others.

With everything going on in the world right now, it can sometimes be easy to focus on all of the negative parts of life and humanity in general. Sometimes, people forget to shift their perspective and look at how truly good some people can be. However, the Abbott family will never forget how their daughter spent her life being kind-hearted and charitable to those in need.

Elizabeth Abbott-Snavely grew up in New England. She was an NCAA Division 1 tennis player at Northeastern University in Boston. Snavely’s mother, Jean Abbott of Troy, stated, “She had always been one who liked to volunteer and help other people… She worked in the criminal justice system, when she retired, she was an assistant warden at a prison. After she retired, she got involved with advocating for children in court. She always wanted to be helpful to children who needed it.”

To read the full story see the July 15th edition of Montgomery Herald.