RAFFLE - Judy Stevens and Roy Henley hold up the quilt the Biscoe Presbyterian Women are selling raffle tickets on. Henly made the quilt and donated it to the group in order for them to still have funds to give to Relay For Life.

The pandemic has changed our way of living, even in the smallest of ways. For the women of Biscoe Presbyterian Church that has meant no gatherings for their annual quilt-making time. That time always resulted in a quilt that was raffled off with the proceeds going to Relay For Life, a charity that the group has long supported. No quilt meant no funds for Relay. That is until longtime member and more ticket seller than quilter Judy Stevens remembered her brother-in-law Roy Henley had recently made a new quilt that would be perfect for the group to raffle. That is if Henley would give them the quilt for the cause, which Stevens suspected he would.

For the full story, see the October 14 issue of the Montgomery Herald.