Montgomery County continues to see a decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases, dropping from the No.1 spot in the state to No. 2 on a per capita basis. The percentage of positive cases dropped from 17% last week to 10% this week. Duplin County, which has run close in numbers to Montgomery before their numbers leveled off, saw their numbers skyrocket during the last week. Nearby Stanly County continues to see sharp increases in their numbers, falling into one of the top five spots in the state.

Overall the county added 19 new cases last week, bringing the total to 1,218 positive cases. Additionally, there was one more death due to COVID-19. The number of hospitalizations declined from 14 to eight over the past week, while 115 individuals remain under isolation. Overall there have been approximately 200 new cases of the virus in the county since the beginning of the month. There have been 14 more deaths from the virus over the past month. Nearby Moore County recently reported averaging 10 new cases per day.

While Sandy Ridge and Autumn Care have seen their numbers level off, Southern Correctional Institution jumped from four cases to nine cases in the past week. The facility had maintained their numbers at four for several weeks; however, they continued to move inmates in and of the facility. Those inmates are transported via buses where individuals are in close proximity to each other.

The county is no longer offering the drive-thru mobile sites that began in June, due to a sharp drop in the number of patients they are seeing on a daily

basis. Individuals may continue to be tested at the local health department

and or at a private physician’s office.

The majority of the cases in the county continue to be on the east side in Biscoe and Candor.

Montgomery County Health Director Mary Perez-Baldwin recently shared

information about a new program called SlowCOVIDNC. It is the official

Exposure Notification app for the state Department of Heath and Human Services. For more information about the program see the related graphics on A7 in the September 30 issue of the Montgomery Herald.