A place for art

A stained glass piece hangs from the porch

Maggie Dorsett is a Mount Gilead native and West Montgomery High School graduate, class of 1998. Dorsett’s parents still live on Lake Tillery, but she moved to South Carolina with her husband, Kevin Russel, in 2015. She loves Mount Gilead and visits quite often, but unfortunately it has been difficult to find a job here. Dorsett is a certified public accountant in Rock Hill, South Carolina, where she works on financial reporting at Continental Tire. In her spare time, Dorsett has taken up a unique hobby. Since the spread of COVID-19 and the need to quarantine and social distance, many people have found themselves finding or amplifying many different hobbies, including art, music, knitting, gardening, cooking and much more. Dorsett’s hobby has been creating stained glass. Although she started this long before COVID-19 came around, she has had more time recently to expand on it.

To read the full story see the July 22 edition of Montgomery Herald.