After a day of unprecedented violence and chaos in the United States Capitol, 121 House Republicans, including 8th District Representative Richard Hudson, sided with the mob and voted to overturn the will of American voters. Hudson and Congressional Republicans have failed to provide any evidence to support their conspiracy theories, and their refusal to accept the results of the election of President-elect Joe Biden directly led to the mayhem in American streets yesterday. In an unprecedented step, the 8th District Democratic Party Chair Dylan Frick released the following statement:

“When we saw terrorists invade the Capitol building, we prayed for the safety and well-being of everyone in the building, including Congressman Hudson. When he was hurried to a secure location away from the mob, we had hoped Hudson would realize that there was no need for his political charades to continue. Unfortunately, Congressman Hudson was seemingly unphased by the violence and still voted to object to the democratic election of Joe Biden – twice.”

“The domestic terrorists who invaded the Capitol building and put the lives of police, congressional staff, and fellow Congressmembers at risk were encouraged and incited by the conspiracy theories touted by Congressman Hudson and Donald Trump. Whether by vote or by violence, Congressional Republicans and domestic terrorists had a common goal: the overturning of a free and fair election, and the sabotage of our democracy. Richard Hudson has betrayed the trust of his constituents, and he has made it clear that he cares more about political posturing and far-flung conspiracy theories than the safety of our people. For these reasons, we call on Congressman Hudson to resign, immediately.”