Welcome Center

HIGHLIGHTS - Kayaking is one of the many highlights at the Discover Uwharrie Welcome Center in Troy. The project is nearing completion; though additions and changes will continue to evolve over time. Open house is this weekend for anyone wishing to stop in.

It is finally open!

From the very beginning residents and visitors alike have watched the corner lot near the courthouse in Troy transform from an eyesore to a place of pride. People were curious as to exactly what was happening at this spot and who was behind it as they observed the project proceed at a slow, but steady pace. Many thought it was the town or the county behind this venture, only to be surprised that this transformation was privately funded with the only motive’s being to inspire the community to embrace what they have in their own backyard. Additionally the hope is this blueprint will provide a greater depth

of knowledge and understanding of the natural and cultural opportunities

that can be found in the Uwharries.

For the full story, see the October 7 issue of the Montgomery Herald.