The death toll from COVID-19 jumped from 32 last week to 38 this week, one of the highest increases in the number of deaths the county has seen since the start of the virus. Eight individuals are currently hospitalized with the virus and there has been an increase in the number of cases as well, adding 25, compared

to only 18 new cases last week. This brings the county’s total number of known cases to 1,243.

The cases in white residents between the ages of 25-49 are where the largest increases are occurring, with the number of residents aged 0-24 remaining

at 13%, 50-61 at 21% and 65 and over at 17%. White residents account for 47% of the cases, followed by Hispanics at 39% and African-Americans at 13%.

Montgomery County remains in the second spot in the state for the virus on a per capita basis; however, several counties have seen a significant jump in their numbers as compared to Montgomery County.

No new cases have been reported at Southern Correctional Institute in the past week and the numbers at both Autumn Care and Sandy Ridge appear

to be shifting to the recovered stage for the majority of positive cases. All

total, there were 17 deaths between the two facilities.