Sunshine Dennis and family

Savannah Dennis (left) with one of the hogs she killed. She is joined by her mother, Sunshine Dennis (center), and her father, Jason Dennis (right).

Sunshine Dennis wasn’t expecting to do as well as she did, let alone win her division in a national shooting competition. 

But in their first competition, Troy’s chapter of A Girl and a Gun did well. They were competing in a quarterly competition against other members of the organization from all over the nation. 

It was her first time to ever shoot competitively, Dennis said. When the results were released, she was ranked 11 overall, and first in her division.

“That was exciting; certainly did not expect that,” she said. “But it’s just fun. A little bit of competition added in there with everything we’re learning, everything we’re doing, makes it certainly fun. You can compete against yourself, how you can better yourself with practice and learning to do things and improve your skills. So it’s neat to see how we all improve, and how I improve from time to time. 

“But yeah, to be nationally recognized out of all these women competing, it was very surprising that I did so well. That was our first quarterly match, so it was the first time I had ever participated in any type of competition with a pistol. I had shot skeet before, not competitively, but I’ve shot against other people just for fun. But this is the first time with any type of gun that I had shot competitively, and it was fun. I had never had any experience with that.”

For the full story, see the February 17 issue of the Montgomery Herald.