Montgomery County Commissioners voted to move forward with a 2018 agreement between the county and Montgomery County Schools to return the East and West Montgomery High School properties to the county. Additionally, the board voted to alert the state that the East Montgomery High School site was for sale.

The board of education recently approved the transfer of the properties to the county, noting the 2018 agreement and the fact the board of commissioners was pushing for the transfer. Dr. Dale Ellis, superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, explained to the board that legally the board of education had to give the county the first option at obtaining the schools and he reminded the board they had signed an agreement with the county in 2018 to return the property to the county following the completion of the central high school. Ellis recommended giving the properties in their entirety to the county and then negotiating with the county regarding any part of the properties MCS might wish to utilize or retain ownership of.

For the full story, see the April 28 issue of the Montgomery Herald.