Home schooling

Sadie (9, pink jacket) and Kara (11, blue coat) Greene reading as part of their home schooling. Photo from Michelle Greene

All over the country, parents are taking their children out of public school and looking to other options, such as charter schools, private schools and home schools.

According to Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Dale Ellis, this is happening here in Montgomery County, too.

Ellis said that there are 123 fewer students now than in February, and it appears there is a clear choice among parents of how they want to educate their children.

“Funds follow the student when they go to a charter school,” Ellis said. “And even with students leaving, that has decreased, which means home schooling is what they’re choosing.

“I think a lot of parents don’t want their child sitting in front of a computer screen for four to six hours a day, and I can understand that.”

For the full story, see the January 13 issue of the Montgomery Herald.