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Amy M. Terry to Clarence M. Terry II, Pee Dee Township, Lot 27 and 6, Fairway Shores. $0.

Susan K. Williams to Larry S. Williams, Lot 1072, Woodrun. $0.

Sherrill A. and Sandra J. Pope to Jason E. and Tracy L. Goins, Badin Shores Marina Boat Slip 15. $19,000.

Alva Lee and Mollie Frances Klass to Donald Ray Klass, Parcel B, 1.07 acres. $0.

Land Sales Beginning Sept. 1 (run Sept. 27)

T. Russell Smith Asset Management , LLC to Todd D. Eury, Badin Shores Marina Boat Slip 86. $25,000.

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Land Sales Beginning Aug. 11 (run Sept. 6)

Eddie and Tonya Williams to Dennis and Belinda Richardson,Twin Harbor, Lot 148 and 149. $45,000.

Charles E. Cecil to Alan Foster and Kelly Shaughnessy Younts, Badin Shores Resort, Lot 191. $44,000.

Land Sales Beginning Dec. 16 (run Jan. 18)

Edgar L. and Ruby M. Parnell to Susan G. Blanton, Mt. Gilead Township, 17.62 acres less exceptions. $215,000.

Land Sales Beginning Nov. 30 (run Dec. 28 ?)

Land Sales Beginning Nov.18 (run Dec. 21)

Land Sales Beginning Nov. 14 (run Dec. 7)

Land Sales Beginning Nov. 7 (run Nov. 30)

Eva M. Palmer, Eva M. Pelfrey to Eva M. Palmer Restated and Amended Revocable Trust, Lot 16, Emerald Shores. $0.

Land Sales Beginning Oct. 25 (run Nov. 16)

Jeremiah P. and Rebecca Stewart to Ricky Darrell Mullins, Star Township, 6.575 acres. $26,000.

Land Sales Beginning Oct. 7 (run Nov. 2)

Land Sales Beginning October 3 (run Oct. 26)

Land Sales Sept. 26-30 (run Oct. 12)

Land Sales Beginning Sept. 12 (run Oct. 5)

Bart Chandler Parrish, Billy Glenn Parrish to Carolina Forest Association, Inc., Uwharrie Township, Lot 76, Carolina Forest. $0.

Wiley L. and Judy M. Mabe to Larry Preston and Haven Evans Harrelson, Larry Preston Harrelson Sr., Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 313. $0.

Randy Craig and Cathy Smith Crouse to Cathy Smith Crouse, Pee Dee Township, Lot 29, Fairway Shores. $0.

Norma J. West, Norma J. West /ADM, Lillie Mae Walker to Sheri T. and Anthony L. Hardison, Ashley Hardison Vest, Lot 1512, Woodrun. $1,000.

William Harrison and Deborah Lee Johnson, Jack Artemas III and Brittney M. McRae, Jack Artemas McRaw III to Jack Artemas McRae III, Biscoe Township, 2.41 acres. $0.

Land Sales beginning July 29 (run Aug. 17)

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Joyce Howell McCall Revocable Trust Dated Feb. 14, 2012 to Joyce Howell McCall Family Trust, multiple tracts less exceptions. $0.

Robert G. Lowery to Raymond and Julie Lynn Fogolini, Eldorado Township, Lot 210, Badin Shores. $65,000.

John Clark and Almeda Robbins to Henry Page Robbins, Little River Township, 61.00 acres. $0.

Glenda F. Kendrick to Curtis and Hilda Kendrick, Timothy M. Kendrick, Joshua S. Kendrick, Eldorado Township, Lot B-106, Badin Shores Resort. $0.

Douglas E. and Dawn M. Cato to April Myrick, Joseph Parsons II, Star Township, 6.59 acres. $130,000.

Delilah G. McCaskill to Billy Ray McCaskill, Biscoe Township, 4.5 acres. $0.

Troy Church of Christ to AGAPE of North Carolina, Inc., Troy Township, Lots 62-65, Sunset Slope. $9,000.

Patricia Ann Springer to Angela Gladden Trull, Lot 123, Twin Harbor. $23,000.

Robert and Christa Hearne, Joe, and Christy Hearne, Joel W. Hearne to Hearne Brothers, LLC, Biscoe Township, less exceptions. $0.

Roger Cagle, Harold Cagle, Roger Cagle /EXR., Mozelle M. Cagle, Donna C. Miller, Donna C. Miller /EXR., Harold Cagle /EXR. to Mozelle M. Cagle Family Trust, see Bk.-366, Pg.-44. $0.

Jose Luis and Maria Estela Munoz to Abraham Ledesma Aldana, Star Township, 1 acre. $0.

Jose Luis and Maria Estela Munoz to Abraham Ledesma Aldana, Star Township, 1 acre. $0.

Pascuala Rodriguez Jaimes, Arturo Canela-Canela to Mari Bella Vences, Lot 95, Belle Acres. $0.

Steve Eckweiler to Ricky Joe Kimbrell, Twin Harbor, 2 tracts, Lots 237 and 238 less exceptions. $45,000.

Joyce P. Lemonds to Randall Lynn and Angela Jones Gibson, Pee Dee Township, Lot 223, Twin Harbor. $18,000.