Robert and Christa Hearne, Joe, and Christy Hearne, Joel W. Hearne to Hearne Brothers, LLC, Biscoe Township, less exceptions. $0.

Robert and Christa Hearne, Joel and Christy Hearne, Joel W. Hearne to Hearne Brothers, LLC, Biscoe Township, various tracts, various parcels. $0.

Holly Luquire Bayliff /EXR., Holly C. Luquire /EXR., Holly Luquire Bayliff /AIF., Iris D. and Charles Glenn Luquire to Jigneshkumar Patel, Biscoe Township, Lot 15, 0.492 acre. $195,000.

Holly C. Luquire /EXR., Holly Luquire Bayliff /EXR., Holly Luquire Bayliff /AIF, Iris D. and Charles Glenn Luquire to Jigneshkumar Patel, Biscoe Township. $40,000.

Kenneth E. and Kathy W. Broadway to Ryan Broadway, Rocky Springs Township, 15.9 acres. $0.

Mary E. Engle, Billy A. Engle, William Albert Engle to Ronald Dewey and Lauren E. Lassiter, Troy Township, part of Lot 15. $67,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Robert Wayne and Brenda P. Hooker, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, 2,320 sq. ft. $2,500.

Shirley D. and Michael L. Hageman, Sue E. and Charles Dale Bias to Paul Calvin Overton, Barbara Richardson Lewis, Pee Dee Township. $50,000.

Sara H. Shepherd to Hunter Cesaro, Troy Township, 1.9 acres. $136,000.

Victor S. Padron, Irene Gonzalez and Israel Moreno Rodriguez to Diana Vanessa Avalos Lara, Biscoe Township, Lot 5, Northridge, 1.202 acres, easement. $8,000.

Steve and Annette Overton to Sara H. Shepherd, Troy Township, 25,425 sq.ft., 0.58 acre. $131,000.

Ester P. Lewallen to Donna P. Hill, Eldorado Township, Lot 392, Badin Shores. $0.

Dennis G. and Sandra K. Snyder to Dennis G. Snyder, Dennis G. Snyder /Tr., Dennis Snyder Living Trust Dated April 4, 2016, Uwharrie Township, reconstituted Lot 269, Woodrun, 0.69 acre. $0.

Theodore and Ellen S. Sedberry, Barbara Ellen Sedberry to Susan Sedberry Buchman, Karen Sedberry Morris, Troy Township, Life Estate, 2 tracts, Tract 1-2.47 acres, Tract 2- 2.28 acres. $0.

Herman Keith and Donna Renee Sechrest to James Waylon and Heather Mae Lamonds, Star Township, Tract 1-0.699 acre, Tract 2-3.819 acres. $30,000.

Tony and Diane Harris to Brigitte and Phillip Douglas, Pee Dee Township, Lot 90, Twin Harbor. $0.

Dean Hymel to Dean Hymel, Travis Mead, Rafael and Laura Padilla, Star Township, 4 parcels. $0.

Roger Williams to Roger Williams, Gloria Martin, Star Township, 1.67 acres. $0.

Domingo Hernandez Benitez, Guadalupe M. Hernandez, Domingo Hernandez Btz to Yolanda Maria Leon, Biscoe Township, Parcel 3, 0.73 acre. $13,500.

Robert Joseph and Ann Picard to Gail M. and Cecil J. Anderson, Eldorado Township, Lot 1005, Pinehaven. $235,000.

Donald and Phyllis Garner Epps to Michael Edward and Shana Shaffer West, Ophir Township, Tract 2, 7.70 acres. $40,000.

Marva Goins, Richard Harrington, Andrew Vining /AIF., Grady I. Ingle /Tr., to Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC, Trustee’s Deed, Rocky Springs Township. $49,000.

Margaret G. Miller, Howard Milo and Mary Ann Hitchcock to Howard Milo and Mary Ann Hitchcock, Rocky Springs Township, 2 tracts, Tract 1-1.00 acre, Tract 2-1/2 acres. $0.

Joann Blair and Ronald G. Adams to William Schoeck, 3.10 acres. $166,000.

Bulthuis Family Trust Dated Sept. 28, 1998 to Hannah McMillian, Eldorado Township, Lot 79, Cottage Lots, Uwharrie Point. $1,000.

Belinda Jo Saunders to Brandon Keith Saunders, Ophir Township, 1.50 acres. $0.

Mary Aileen S. Willis, Mary Aileen S. Willis /Tr., Aileen M. Smitherman to John Todd and Mary W. Willis, Pee Dee Township, Lots 44 and 45, Montgomery Shores. $306,000.

Juan Pablo Munoz, Rebecca Aldape Alba to Jose Manuel Alva, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 18, 0.907 acres, Wendy Hills Development. $16,000.

Stephen A. Haywood to Johnny Wade Jr. and Kimberly Scholl Pruitte, Pee Dee Township, Lot 118, Twin Harbor. $30,000.

Luis Carlos Torrecillas, Angeles Gabriela Garcia Rodriguez to Feliciano Jaen Bello, Margarita Alvarez Garcia, Biscoe Township, 3.00 acres. $40,000.

Dale Hoover Hogan, Richard E. Hogan to Blakewood Properties, Inc., Mt. Gilead Township, 0.51 acre. $58,000.

Derick L. and Helen S. Apple to Katie D. Parvin, William D. Beck III, Lot 117, Pinehaven. $270,000.

David E. and Kimberly Lowery, Jordan Ariana Lowery, Logan Ashlyn Lowery, Donald P. Shipman to Ralph E. Lowery, Eldorado Township, Lot B-58, Badin Shores Resort. $0.

Nicholas H. and Delores J. Holden to George E. and Jackie L. Rigsby, Eldorado Township, Lot 590, Badin Shores Resort. $29,000.

Cynthia R. and Timothy F. Arnold, Kenneth and Cassandra Richardson, Dwaine and Teresa Richardson, Teresa Richardson /AIF., Gary and Judy R. Cagle, Judy R. Cagle /ADM., Garland and Deanna Richardson, Timothy Richardson, Timothy Richardson /ADM., Judy Cagle, Timothy W. Richardson, Dwaine L. Richardson to Robert J. Jr. and Jennie L. Knowlton, Star Township, Tract 1, 17.629 acres. $136,000.

Hurleen Maffett to Ronald Wilford Jr. and Janet Sechrest, Uwharrie Township, reconstituted Lot 930, Woodrun. $8,000.

Emmitt H. and Sandra E. Black to Derick L. and Helen E. Apple, Eldorado Township, Lot 517, Badin Lake Estate, 0.16 acre. $275,000.

Eddie and Carol Moree to Amanda Nicole Lee, Pee Dee Township, Lot 213, Twin Harbor. $52,000.

Harold K. and Karen R. Pope to Daniel L. and Erlinda Jones, Troy Township, Lot 2. $131,000.

Jose Gerly Arteaga and Marlene Arteaga Lopez to Zesar and Lucarys Albares, Biscoe Township, Lots 34-37, Hurley and Wilson Subdivision. $70,000.