PGBR Enterprises of Rockingham, Inc. to Gina H. and Michael L. Cudd, Lot 245. $5,000.

Michelle Morris Greene to John D. Greene, Rocky Springs Township, 2 parcels, Parcel 1, 2.0 acres; Parcel 2, 2.52 acres. $0.

Michael W. and Janice M. Farmer to Lora Ann Pardue , Nathan Zachary Shoe, Eldorado Township, Lot 327, Badin Shores. $51,000.

Winfred Lemons to Jose Olivares, Star Township, Lot 10, 11 and 12, Russell Park. $0.

Donald W. Jr. and Hedi S. Thompson to Donnie R. and Melinda A. Williamson, Eldorado Township, Lot B-117, Badin Shores. $24,000.

Betty Charles M. Cochran to Leavetree, LLC, Uwharrie Township, various tracts. $183,500.

Evelyn P. and Ira Eugene Britt to Timothy Lee and Janet Greene, Cheek’s Creek Township, 2 parcels. $113,500.

Jacqueline T. Eberling, Charles E. Lynch Jr. /AIF to Sydney Clarke Rabe, Uwharrie Point, Cottage Lots, Lot 50. $265,000.

Michael F. and Judith C. Pandich to Freddie L. and Shelley V. Ingle, Eldorado Township, Yadkin Falls, Lot 23. $315,000.

Ricky D. Younts to Brannon and Amanda Turner, Lot 7, Twin Harbor. $0.

Johnny L. and Mitzi K. Beck to Jeremy Doyle Vaughn, Pee Dee Township, Lot 364, Twin Harbor. $26,000.

Wilma Covington and Daniel F. Medley to Flekeda J. Gilliam, Mt. Gilead Township, Lot 64 and 65, Washington Park. $0.

Wilma Covington Medley to Flekeda J. Medley, Mt. Gilead Township, 0.53 acre. $0.

Michael L. and Natalie Kay Rutherford to Jennifer M. and David S. Bowman, Pee Dee Township, Lot 125, Twin Harbor. $38,000.

Leroy Jr. and Lillie A. Seals to Mark Allen Seals, Pee Dee Township, Lot 88, Twin Harbor. $0.

Ronnie and Melinda Reese to Michael and Kay Rutherford, Pee Dee Township, Lot 58, Twin Harbor. $51,000.

Franklin D. Pattishall to David L. and Michelle R. Smith, Eldorado Township, Pinehaven Estates, 2 tracts. $540,000.

Jancy W. and Jesse R. Cecil to Richard F. and Wanda M. Cecil, Eldorado Township, Lot 585, Badin Lake Estates. $0.

LandTrust for Central North Carolina, Inc. to United States of America, Ophir Township, Tract U-1714A, right of way, 193.49 acres. $385,000.

Affordable Home Inspections, LLC to Dawanna Lee Ragsdale, Lot 2, Lilly’s Bridge, Boat Slip 6, easement. $40,000.

First Wesleyan Church of Troy to Brooke A. and Kelley D. Howell, Troy Township, 2 parcels. $110,000.

David Lorenzo Armstrong to Lorenzo Brower, 2 tracts, Rocky Springs Township, life estate. $0.

Henry Wayne and Janice M. Ingram to Melissa D. Arrington, Kelly Jane Sturgill, Uwharrie Landing, Lot 3, 1.64 acres. $0.

Melissa D. Arrington, Kelly Scott Sturgill to Scott A. and Sandra B. Fowler, Uwharrie Landing, Lot 3, 1.64 acres, easement. $712,500.

Jose Olivares, Lorena Gamas to Jose Manuel Alva, Star Township, Lot 10-12, Russell Park. $0.

Thomas E. and Sandra L. Ducote, Thomas E. Ducote /AIF to James W. Jr. and Sue S. Cooper, Eldorado Township, Lot B-125, Badin Shores. $177,000.

Thomas P. Lessaris to William Earl Jr. and Donna Maye Cook, Lot 57 and 57A, Heron Bay. $575,000.

Jeffrey D. Harris, A. Darrell Harris, Stella S. Harris, Stacey Litten Harris, Jeffrey D. Harris /EXR, Jason E. Harris, EXR, Stacey L. Harris to Jeffrey D. Harris /Tr., Ironfist Trust, Jeffrey D. Harris, Lot 89-92, Heron Bay. $0.

Jason E. Harris, A. Darrell Harris, Stella S. Harris, Jennifer Bomar Harris, Jeffrey D. Harris /EXR, Jason E. Harris, /EXR, Jennifer B. Harris to Jeffrey D. Harris /Tr., Ironfist Trust, Jeffrey D. Harris, Lot 89-92, Heron Bay. $235,000.

John C. and Nina B. Edwards to Tammy Heaton, Eldorado Township, Lot 20 and 21, Tract 1, 0.17 acre; Tract 2, 0.17 acre, Lakemont. $498,500.

Edward M. and Brandy Moran, Edward Michael Moran to Michelle Cannup Hefner, Twin Harbor, Lots 339 and 340. $105,000.

Stephanie Ann Quick to Bobby H. and Julia J. Myrick, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 21, 49,830 sq. ft., Spring Valley, Ph. II. $500.