Jeremiah P. and Rebecca Stewart to Ricky Darrell Mullins, Star Township, 6.575 acres. $26,000.

Gloria Lorraine Lewis, H.L. Kearns to Gloria Lorraine and Marc Todd Lewis, 2 parcels, Pr. 1-0.46 acre, Pr. 2-1.17 acre. $1,000.

Gaye H. and William A. Hudson Jr. to Richard Pry, Susan Sweeney, Mt. Gilead Township, Montgomery Heights, 0.69 acre. $145,000.

H & H Partnership, H & H Associates, LLC to H & H Associates , LLC, Biscoe Township, 4.86 acres, easement. $0.

H & H Associates, LLC to King Charles Industries, LLC, Biscoe Township, 2 tracts less exceptions. $500,000.

Betty Charles McLeod Cochran to James and Rosemary Freeman, Ophir Township. $55,500.

Teressa L. Riddle to Jimmy Lee Smith Sr., Pee Dee Township, Lot 112, Twin Harbor. $30,000.

Robert Gregg and Ginger J. Edwards to Terry Ray Davis, Lot 450 and 451, Pinehaven Estate. $115,000.

Jerry Wayne and Barbara Cole, Barbara Cole and Robert White, Marsha Cole and J. Wilson Webb, Doris Hall Comer, Lou Ellen Hall and Ernest Hinson, Keith Carson and Joann Hall, Mitchell Darrell Hall, Dorthea Hall and David Ritter, Gloria Hall Warner, Gaylene Hall and Glen Glover, Ruby Lemons and Bernie Goodwin, Herbert Lewis Lemonds, Myles A. Bowman, Teresa Dawkins and Jerry Haywood, Lois Lamonds Loflin, Janet Lamonds Loflin, Rebecca Lamonds and Jerry Burkhead, Pamela Lamonds and Dallas Morgan, Darlene Lamonds and John Fox, Layne Blue and Alvin McNeill, Angela Blue and Mark King, Neill Alton Jr. and Judy Lamonds, Donna Lamonds and Robert Ellis Martin, Steven Glenn and Tonya Dee Jones, Faye Lamonds Baker, Faye Lamonds Baker /AIF to Heather E. and Stephen A. McCallum, Biscoe Township, Tract 1, 19.215 acres. $47,500.

Jerry Wayne and Barbara Cole, et al. to Brice Hollis, Biscoe Township, Tract 2, 0.945 acre. $3,000.

Robert E. and Amy M. Winslow to Dennis Lee and Debbie Whitaker Cook, Jeffrey Lee and Diana Cook Deal, Eldorado Township, Lot 138, Dixie Shores. $120,000.

Poore Substitute Trustee, LTD / Tr., Michael T. and Opal Dennis to Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. /Tr., Newcastle Mortgage Securities Trust 2006-1, Substitute Trustee’s Deed. $91,500.

Roland Edward Moore to Roland Edward Moore, Richard E. Moore, 3 tracts less exceptions. $1,000.

Ernest J. Dunn to Ernest J. Dunn, Betty Dunn Thomas, Pee Dee Township, 0.55 acre. $0.

Dennis J. and Linda Garmon to Peter Lefebvre, Lots 746 and 747, Badin Lake Estates. $62,000.

Mitchell E. Biles Sr. to Mitchell E. Jr. and Carolyn K. Biles, Uwharrie Township, Lot 958, Woodrun. $2,000.

Maria Lemus, Jesus Pages, Maria E. Lemus to Maria Lemus, Rocky Springs Township, 5.00 acres, R/W. $0.

Teri Emory and Tony Christopher Stamper to Thomas H. and Ann A. Allgood, Uwharrie Township, Lot 778, Woodrun. $15,000.

Phillip R. and Jean H. Wicker to Thomas Hood, Eldorado Township, Lot B-29, Badin Shores. $35,500.

Sherman Paul and Brenda B. Livingston to Billy Ray and Janie Livingston, Uwharrie Township, 1.0 acre. $0.

Jason Sims to Thomas Hood, Eldorado Township, Lot 778, Badin Shores. $8,000.

Emerywood Forest Management, LLC to N.C. DOT, State of North Carolina, highway right of way, Biscoe Township. $1,500.

Tammy L. Scarboro, Susan G. and Cedric A. Drake, Sandra E. and Darrell K. Britt to N.C. Department of Transportation, State of North Carolina, highway right of way, Biscoe Township. $3,000.

Jana M. and Mark Edward McCallum, Carolyn McCallum to N.C. DOT, State of N.C., deed for highway right of way, Biscoe Township. $1,500.

Perry D. Johnson to Husk Investments LLC, 1.50 acres. $1,500.

Pamela Ann Smith to Monty and Mary Cauthen, Pee Dee Township, Lots 295 and 296B, Twin Harbor. $40,000.

James Garry and Melissa Spence, Melissa A. Spence to David E. Scarboro, Mt. Gilead Township, 2 tracts less exceptions. $88,000.

Donna B. Owens Lineberry, Donna Broadwell Owens, Lynn Lineberry, Donna Broadwell Owens Lineberry to Richard and Anita Childers, Eldorado Township, Lot 415, Badin Shores Resort. $25,000.

Donald P. Scarborough, Donald P. Scarborough /EX, Landon A. Scarborough Jr., Landon A. Scarborough Jr. /EX, Elaine B. Scarborough, Mickey M. Scarborough, Lois P. Scarborough to Donald P. Scarborough, Elaine B. Scarborough, Parcel 1, 104.61 acres, exceptions, Parcel 2, 2.0 acres. $0.

T. Lynn Clodfelter, Janie Elaine Ensley Clodfelter to Larry L. and Sonya O. Huneycutt, Mt. Gilead Township, Lot 13A, 0.289 acre, easement. $75,000.

Jack Loftin and Lana Hunsucker to Matthew Gray Hunsucker, 2.88 acres. $0.

Bret M. and Cathy W. Kennedy to Katelyn K. Kellam, Biscoe Township, 2 lots. $135,000.