Jose Luis and Maria Estela Munoz to Abraham Ledesma Aldana, Star Township, 1 acre. $0.

Brenda Price and Robert Wayne Hooker to Gary III and Patricia Griggs, Pee Dee Township, Lot 4, Twin Harbor. $26,000.

Regina Gladys Ray Maphanyane /Ex., Alberta Ray to Regina Ray Maphanyane, Bensalem Township, Moore County. $0.

Regina Gladys Ray Maphanyane /Ex., Alberta Ray to Regina Ray Maphanyane, Pee Dee Township, 10.25 acres less exceptions. $0.

Patti Bartus Young, Patti B. Young to Patti B. Young, Eldorado Township, 71.12 acres less exceptions. $5,000.

S. Chad and Amy S. Kindley to John L. and Christina E. Gallimore, Eldorado Township, Lot 557, Badin Shores. $50,000.

Ina M. Parsons to Martha C. Parsons, Troy Township, new Lot 1, 3.51 acres. $0.

Dorothy B. and Daniel Richard Robinson to Karen Binns, Troy Township, 1.03 acres. $0.

Karen Binns to Dorothy B. Robinson, Troy Township, Tract 2, 10.01 acres. $0.

Holiday Shores on Lake Tillery Association, Inc. to Brian and Elizabeth Briggs, Holiday Shores, Lot 831. $500.

Franklin Delano Jr. and Rachel M. Hall to William Eugene and Kimberly Sue Davis, Pee Dee Township, Lot 111, Twin Harbor. $66,000.

Lisa E. C. Fagan to Stevie E. and Betty A. Greene, Troy Township, Hamilton Est., Lot 4, 11.98 acres, right of way. $42,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Rogers, Townsend & Thomas, PC /AIF to Family First Home Care, LLC, 28,727 sq.ft., R/W. $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Family First Home Care, LLC, Star Township, Lots 13, 14, 15. $0.

First Bancorp Financial Services, Inc. to Wayne and Bonnie Parker, Eldorado Township, 3 tracts, Badin Shores. $30,000.

Ronny Dianne Tuholski /Tr., Ronny Dianne Tuholski, Ronnie O. Hill, Ronnie O. Hill Revocable Trust to Veronica Maness Strickland, Lot 727 and 728, Badin Lake Estates. $0.

Ronnie O. Hill Revocable Trust to Hill Maness Properties, LLC, Badin Lake Estates, multiple tracts less exceptions. $0.

Joyce H. East, Triad Investments to Stephen Willie and Anna Boaz Harris, 2.22 acres, Hoffman Estate, $4,000.

Vincent S. and Patricia C. Field Sadd to Angelo Joseph Jr. and Lorraine Julianna Baio, Eldorado Township, Lot 33, Heron Bay. $186,000.

Cecil J. and Gail M. Anderson to Steven P. and Anne E. Strobel, Eldorado Township, Lot 746, Badin Shores Resort. $137,000.

Amanda Terrie Hatley to Charles and Judi Downing, Pee Dee Township, Lot 188, Twin Harbor. $27,000.

Donald Jeffrey and Cathy R. Hartsell to Anthony L. and Loretta S. Barringer, Mount Gilead Township, 2 tracts. $74,500.

C. Michelle Montgomery to Joe G. and Gloria D. Woody, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 239. $20,000.