T. Russell Smith Asset Management , LLC to Todd D. Eury, Badin Shores Marina Boat Slip 86. $25,000.

Helen P. Pope, Helen Pope to William R. and Susan M. Leslie, Pee Dee Township, Lot 253, Twin Harbor. $39,500.

Southeastern Land and Timber Company, LLC to Johnny Carpenter, Eldorado Township, Lot 784, Holiday Shores. $1,000.

Sugar Loaf Mountain, LLC, Carey A. and Linda Thomas Lamp Green, to Sugar Loaf Mountain, LLC, Woodrun, new Lot 1315, 0.74 acre. $2,000.

W. Eric Medlin /Tr., Medlin Law Firm, PC, Miguelina Cruz, First Bank to First Troy SPE, LLC, Lot 51 Heron Bay. $28,000.

Otis Smith, Otis T. Smith to Michael Lake Brown, Badin Shores, Lot B-20. $52,000.

Jerica Charisse Goode to Rodrigo Jimenez Gonzalez, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 6, Spring Valley. $5,000.

Meredith J. Logan to Jason and Donna Floyd, Eldorado Township, Lot 94, Pinehaven Estates, 0.15 acre. $225,000.

Barry Christopher and Marion H. Ledbetter to Tracie S. Whitley, Troy Township, .34 acre, easement. $110,000.

Ronald R. and Janice K. Kimble to Russell Jr. and Carrie W. Campbell, Pee Dee Township, Lot 20, Fairway Shores. $318,000.

Bennie R. and Mavis A. Holcombe to Robert C. and Lisa M. Hummer, Eldorado Township, Lot–B-10, Badin Shores. $57,000.

Judith H. and Walter M. Ennis, Karen F. Ennis to Oscar J. Guarin, Uwharrie Township, Woodrun, Lot 411 and 412. $7,000.

Sherri and Joshua Hogan to Shirley Ann Russell, Smitherman Park, Lots 62-64. $0.

Sherri and Joshua Hogan to Barbara Burns, Smitherman Park, Lots 81-95, 50-61. $0.

Sherri and Joshua Hogan to Barbara Burns, Smitherman Park, Lots A-1, SL-A-107, 1.58 acres. $0.

Barbara Burns to Delores Greene, Smitherman Park, Lots A-1, SL-A-107, 1.58 acres. $7,500.

James W. Bowden, Lacy Chappell to Frank E. Bowden, Rocky Springs Township, 0.40 acre. $0.

Priscilla B. Durkin to Bynum H. Jr. and Ethel C. Hodgin, Bynum Keith and Laura Hodgin, Pee Dee Township, Emerald Shores, Lot 19, 10,606 sq. ft. $520,000.

Rex A. and Lora E. Goulding to Kelvin D. and Karen L. Sampson, Eldorado Township, Lot 25, Patterson’s Bridge, Uwharrie Point. $775,000.

Chia and Leur Yang to May Heur, Pee Dee Township, 136.44 acres, less exceptions. $0.

David A. and Teresa Boyette to Carol Albertson and Sammy R. Ross, Eldorado Township, Lot-B-72. Badin Shores. $32,000.

Mary and Thomas J. Graham to Richard E. and Penny L. Cunningham, Cheek’s Creek Township. 3.00 acres. $140,000.

Liborio Ponce Garcia, Maria De Luz Jove Jaimes to Clemy Jaimes, Biscoe Township, Lot 9 and 10, C. Glen Bruton Subdivision. $0.

Jacqueline Gould to Shaun Welland, Mt. Gilead Township, 5 tracts less exceptions. $97,000.

Carl Worth and Golda A. Frazier, Carl W. Frazier to Mickey Dean and Donna M. Frazier, Pee Dee Township, Lot 342, Twin Harbor. $0.

Johnny C. and Sue C. Latham to Jeffrey C. and Lori L. Hinton, 2.33 acres. $170,000.

Vickie Lynn Bost and Reggie Allen Hatley, Brown Allen Bost to Jammie and Kristi S. Cockman, Lots 861 and 863. $1,500.

Mary Suver to Donnie and Cindy Ball Chavis, Pee Dee Township, Lot 16, Twin Harbor. $38,000.

Melba Awtrey to Mildred Dravich, Eldorado Township, 2.00 acres. $223,500.

Rental Income, LLC to James Lee and Alison Saunders Hudson, Eldorado Township, 2 tracts, easement. $105,000.

Kenneth L. II and Melissa K. Perruquet to Jeffrey B. Pitman, Mt. Gilead Township, 7,013 sq. ft., Lot 5, Tillery Coves. $292,000.

Paul E. and Linda H. Logan to William H. and Karen S.C. Kinzer, Eldorado Township, Lot 938, Pinehaven Estates. $140,000.

Paul E. and Linda H. Hogan to William H. and Karen Kinzer, Eldorado Township, Pinehaven Village, Lot 929. $5,000.

Merrill Family, LLC to Kenneth E. and Joan K. Rudd, Lot 14, Whippor Will Cove, Lake Forest. $360,000.

Gerald E. and Judy W. Stevens, Elizabeth and Jerry Hursey to Mayra Rodriguez, Biscoe Township, Tract 11, 3.01 acres. $18,000.

Gerald E. and Judy W. Stevens, Elizabeth and Jerry Hursey to Leonardo Hernandez, Biscoe Township, Tract 10, 2.02 acres. $10,000.

Phillip C. Jr. and Yetive W. Caulder to Linda Gail Ratliff, Pee Dee Township, Lot 62, Twin Harbor. $75,000.

Taylorbuilt Homes, Inc. to Gerald S. and Betsy C. Clapp, Eldorado Township, Lot 39, Allenton Ferry, Uwharrie Point. $81,000.

Paula C. Lucas, Paula V. Callicutt, Matthew G. Lucas to Matthew G. and Paula C. Lucas, Ophir Township, 2 tracts. $0.

Laura Bello Mujica to Jose M. Sanjuan and Heather Jo Cruz, Biscoe Township, Lot 21, 1.382 acres, Shady Oak Acres, easement. $0.

Bruce T. and Ellen Bradley Turner to Bruce T. and Ellen Bradley Turner, Rebecca T. Shepherd, Lots 21 and 22, Dav-Mont Development. $1,500.

Michael Vance and Carolyn W. Saunders to James David and Cathy Davis Brown, New Tract A, 0.65 acre. $3,000.

William J. and Diane L. Assell to John and Angela Vaughn, Tract 1, Lot 289, Tract 2, Lot 289A, Badin Shores. $130,000.

Bradley S. and Amanda F. McLain to Jeffrey F. and Carolyn P. Walters, Eldorado Township, Lot 25, Lot 16, Lakemont. $345,000.

Donald W. and Maria W. Sanford to Donald W. Sanford, Uwharrie Township, New Lot A, 0.99 acre. $0.