Steve Eckweiler to Ricky Joe Kimbrell, Twin Harbor, 2 tracts, Lots 237 and 238 less exceptions. $45,000.

Jennifer Willard, Jennifer W. Turnmire, to Carolina First Home Equity, Inc., Eldorado Township, 0.56 acres. $0.

Nationstar Mortgage, LLC to Winfred Lemonds, Carolina Forest, Lot 891. $33,500.

Shelley R. Wiley Jr., Shelbia A. Wiley to Delia Alpuche Ramiez, Lot 51, Sandhill Acres. $0.

Joe S. and Sheila L. Decker, Sara Decker to Joe S. and Sheila L. Decker, .88 acre or 38,016 ft. $0.

Gemma Arroyo Gorostieta to Jennifer Loza, Sergio Garcia Martinez, Troy Township, Lots 7 and 8, Block-B, W.H. Watkins Jr. Subdivision. $0.

Phongphet Mingsisouphanh, Laithong Sombunkhan to Somphone Sinthavong, Mt. Gilead Township, Tract 3, 3.23 acres. $0.

Don Arnold Severt to Sharon Elrod, Louis Rogers, Ophir Township, 1.37 acres. $18,000.

Jack and Betty Lail, Jack C. Lail to Dawn E. and Michael J. Sandman, Uwharrie Point, Lot 34, Southpoint. $1,150,000.

Mount Olive Properties 2, LLC to Town of Troy, Troy Township, 0.06 ace. $0.

Billy Wayne and Bridgett B. Hicks, Rhonda Johnson to Gregory L. and Jill S. Blake, Biscoe Township, Tract 1, 4.663 acres. $12,000.

Billy Wayne and Bridgett B. Hicks, Rhonda Johnson to Rhonda Johnson, Biscoe Township, Tract 2, 5.699 acres. $0.

Jason and Landy M. Hilger to William Joshua and Allison Pullium Hall, Pinehaven Estates, Lots 661 and 662. $35,000.

Eva Reynoso to Johnny Merida Oliver, Biscoe Township, Lot 20, Barber Acres. $8,000.

Vera K. Joyce to David Wayne Joyce, Star Township, 20 acres. $0.

Christine Smathers Henson to Rhonda Marie Henson, Troy Township, Life Estate, 1.06 acres. $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Jonathan D. and Angela S. Schulz, 3.145 acres, Tract 1. $0.

Annie Lee McDaniel to Annie Lee McDaniel, Deborah M. Wallace, Melissa M. Jones, Lots 33-39, 73 and 74, North Star Heights Subdivision. $0.

David P. and Heather A. Hill to Alan H. and Tamara H. Wise, Eldorado Township, Lot 100, Southpoint, Uwharrie Point. $1,325,000.

Elizabeth and Charles Lisenby to Elizabeth Lisenby, Eldorado Township, Tract 1, 2.758 acres. $0.

Brit Patrick and Jessica H. Padgett to Emily Catherine Taylor, Joel Christopher Padgett Jr., Lot 211, Woodrun. $132,000.

Robbie L. and Leanne G. Beal to Kimberly Cox Flowers, Eldorado Township, Lot B189, Badin Shores. $11,000.

Autumn Corporation to OHI Asset (NC) Biscoe, LLC, 8.56 acres, less except. $7,826,500.

Aseptia, Inc. to Wright Foods Group, LLC, Troy Township, Troy Business Center, 1 Wright Way, less exceptions. $7,200,000.

Wright Foods, Inc. to Wright Foods Group, LLC, Biscoe Township Industrial Park less exceptions. $3,800,000.

Athenia C. Hill, Robert Wayne Moore, Robert Moore to Shelton Earl Jr. and Shannon Michelle Lilley, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 26. $25,000.

John Gregory and Teresa Lamonds to Michael Hernandez, Biscoe Township, 1.00 acre. $60,000.

Nellie B. Howell, Janice Norris Gooch /AIF, Janice Norris Gooch to Marvin Joel and Brenda Gail Luck, Rocky Springs Township, 1.09 acres, Lot 3. $7,500.

Carlton Blake and Gina Renee Curry to Samuel Jefferson Honeycutt, Tammy Thompson Ulander, Pee Dee Township, Lots 202 and 203, Twin Harbor. $18,000.