John Clark and Almeda Robbins to Henry Page Robbins, Little River Township, 61.00 acres. $0.

Vernon O. and Joanna D. Legrand to Edwin D. Garner, Lot 397, Badin Shores Resort. $8,000.

Brandon J. and Michele S. Bivens to Brian Lee and Sharon Sides McSwain, Lot 657 and 658, Woodrun. $150,000.

Ork, LLC to Lizeth Irazema De Alaniz, Uwharrie Township, 4.64 acres. $11,500.

Phillip and Catherine Robinson, Wayne and Gay Robinson, Carol Robinson to Daniel Robinson, Rocky Springs Township, 8.7 acres less exceptions. $20,000.

Enedina Merida Mertinez, Enrique Perez Garcia to Damaris Perez Martinez, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 97, Belle Acres. $14,000.

Roger W. and Cindy Kellis, Cindy Kellis /AIF to William Basil III and Susan C. Boyden, 3 tracts less exceptions. $66,000.

Minnie Wood to N.C. Department of Transportation, deed for highway right of way, Troy Township. $60,000.

Dennis Joe and Karen Millikan to Barry Edward and Denise Linder, Troy Township, Tract 10, 2.194 acres, Jeff Lamb Division. $43,500.

Gangas, Inc. to A & J Brothers, Inc., Troy Township, 3.44 acres. $425,000.

Bobbie Ann Everette and Alexander Mc Laughlin, Bobby Darrell Everette to Bobby Leon Everette, Rachel Moore Everette, Bobby Darrell Everette, Lot 103, Belle Acres. $0.

Sheila A. Christian, Frances J. and Donald Wayne Little, Sheila C. Christian to Shantae Jackson, Mount Gilead Township, 2 lots. $6,000.

R. Odell and Carolyn A. Brady to Edda R. Hall, 5.00 acres. $0.

Lisa Michelle Bradshaw to Sandra Bradshaw Arnold, Lot 221, Badin/Badin Shores. $35,000.

Samuel E. Willis, John Todd Willis, Samuel E. Willis /ADM, John Todd Willis /ADM, John C. Willis, Mary Aileen S. Willis to STJ Green Forestlands, LLC, multiple town, multiple tracts easement. $0.

Samuel E. Willis, John Todd Willis, Samuel E. Willis /ADM, John Todd Willis /ADM, John C. Willis, Mary Aileen S. Willis to STJ Green Forestlands, LLC, Steeles Township, Richmond County. $0.

Donnie and Sheilia R. Cagle, Donnie R. Cagle to Devin R. Myrick, Ladybird, Deed Life Estate, Star Township, 2.50 acres. $0.

Keith Gentry and Tamela Taylor Pate to Bonnie T. Preslar, Pee Dee Township, Lot 216, Twin Harbor. $60,000.

Tamela G. Pate to Keith Gentry and Tamela G. Pate, Pee Dee Township, Lot 213, Twin Harbor. $0.

Benjamin Keith and Julia Spear Merritt to Eagle Tree Properties, LLC, Uwharrie Township, Lot 1408, Woodrun. $0.

Doris M. Mauldin to Doris M. Mauldin, Jessica Stuart, 2 tracts. $1,000.

Doris M. Mauldin to Doris M. Mauldin, James Waylon McCormick Jr., Troy Township, 2.95 acres, Lot-C. $500.

Patrick Lynn Moody, James F. Burrows to Thomas Charles Yarboro, Troy Township, 2.16 acres. $86,000.

David Bigford to Ryan A. and Deanna F. Cobb, Uwharrie Township, Lot 963, Carolina Forest. $318,000.

Hazel T. Perry to Wendell E. Perry, Cheek’s Creek Township, 2 tracts less exceptions, Life Estate. $0.

Irene W. Lowder Trust to Julie Mount, Lot 315, Holiday Shores. $1,000.

Robert E. and Helen Williams, James David Williams, Chris Bruton Williams, Sundee Williams, Roby N. and Virginia Carolyn Futrell, Ray Owen and Sherri Carroll Evans to Michael W. and Linda V. Marcus, Biscoe Township, Lot 1, 2.96 acres. $180,000.

Todd Smith and Cheryl E. Lemonds to Kenneth Lee Williamson Jr., Melissa Taylor, Mt. Gilead Township, Parcel 2, 4.25 acres. $155,000.

Charles Franklin Jr. and Frances Robicsek Furr, John Christopher Michael and Caroline S. Robicsek to Jonathan D. and Meredith M. Long, Eldorado Township, Lot 112, Heron Bay. $191,000.

Steven and Jacqueline Kennedy to David and Amy Wilder, Eldorado Township, Lot 140, Twin Harbor. $13,000.

Henry D. and Buffy Fields to Ricky Allen and Erika Salgado Lanier, Eldorado Township, Lot 1 and 1A, Badin Shores. $32,000.

Darin E. and Sandra D. Miller to Kenneth W. II and Lisa M. Long, Unit 152, Dock-H, Badin Shores Marina Boat Slips Condo. $33,000.

Kenneth Lee and Carolyn H. Tucker, Wallace Hugh and Cynthia H. Tucker to N.C. Department of Transportation, deed for highway right of way. $2,000.

Flekeda J. and James R. Gilliam to Wilma C. Medley, Mt. Gilead Township, 0.53 acre. $0.

Millie Vaughn Stout Cook, Frederick R. Cook /AIF, Frederick R. Cook to Millie Vaughn Stout Cook, Millie L. Cook, Pin #751600063097. $0.

Frances Hall Henley, Linda Hall Ogle, Betty S. Hall to Linda Hall Ogle, Tract 2, 1.062 acres. $0.

Frances Hall Henley, Linda Hall Ogle, Betty S. Hall to Frances Hall Henley, Tract 1, 1.062 acres. $0.

Andrew and Stacey Gilman to Bipin and Manjula B. Patel, Star Township, Lots 61-68. $189,000.

Clifford L. and Diane P. Weber to Woodrun Association, Inc., Uwharrie Township, Lot 131, Woodrun. $500.

Winfred Eugene Lemonds to Antonio Jimenez and Kena Corp Jimenez Hernandez, Ophir Township, .65 acre. $0.

Susan W. and Robert M. Johnson to Michael Scott Ball, Pee Dee Township, 0.29 acre, Lot 46, Tillery Park. $400,000.

Howard Franklin Robbins Jr. to Jimmy E. and Marie Bowles, James and Jennifer Bowles, Mt. Gilead Township, 19.61 acres. $30,000.

Gregory D. and Annette Snead to Thomas P. Sr. and Beverly Miller, Michael and Priscilla Simmons, Pee Dee Township, Lot 26, Emerald Shores. $457,500.

Family Trust of Larry Kent Mabe to Jacqueline E. and Douglas A. Winbush, Biscoe Township, Lot 5. $63,000.

Edgar R. Jr. and Syble S. Dorsett to Derwin and Debra Jordan, Eldorado Township, Lot B-112, Badin Shores. $119,000.

James C. Sr. and Louise D. Pleasant to Christy Dewayne and Lynette Marie Rogers, Eldorado Township, Lot B279, Badin Shores. $13,000.

Somphone and Khamfong to Nor Thivarat, Mt. Gilead Township, New Tract 3. $55,000.