Land Sales Feb. 19-26

Harry B. Huggins to David A. Floyd and Patricia A. Floyd Living Trust, 0.34 acre. $6,500.

Stephen Glenn and Marie C. Blankenship to Benjamin Clark McGuirt, Troy Township, Tract 6B, 1.311 acres. $0.

George W. and Rosalie McNeill to John F, McNeill, Biscoe Township. $0.

George W. and Rosalie McNeill to Charles W. McNeill, Biscoe and Rocky Springs Townships, 3 tracts. $0.

George W. and Rosalie McNeill to Charles W. McNeill, John F. McNeill, Rocky Springs Township, 226 acres. $0.

Larry Thomas and Janet H. Woolard to Patricia Colleen Langford Kirby, Kaila Nicole Kirby and Daniel Justin Pardue, Pee Dee Township, Lot 51, Twin Harbor. $28,000.

Walter Eugene and Frances Bernice Lampley to Patricia Colleen Langford Kirby, Jessica Marie Harrison, Pee Dee Township, Lot 49, Twin Harbor. $22,500.

Linda Adele Broadway, Linda B. and Jerry W. Broadway to Jerry W. Broadway and Linda B. Broadway Revocable Living Trust, Rocky Springs Township. $0.

Gerald D. and Brenda Keller to Sherry Love Bowers, Eldorado Township, Lot B-196, Badin Shores. $18,000.

Bank of America National Association, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. /AIF to Terrence Patrick and Beth Anne Collom, Millingport Cottage Lots, Lot 87, Uwharrie Point. $220,000.

Estelle P. Branson, Chester F. Branson Revocable Trust to Christy B. McKenzie, Eldorado Township, Lot 380, Badin Lake. $0.

Estelle P. Branson to Christy B. McKenzie, Eldorado Township, 4 tracts, Lakemont. $0.

Briles-McKenzie Partnership to Christy B. McKenzie, D. H. and Edith B. Briles, Eldorado Township, Lot 934, Pinehaven. $0.

Michael D. and Jackie D. Hinshaw, Sandra Hinshaw Barrett, Sandra D. Hinshaw, Darrin Andre and Sandra H. Barrett to Bobby Ray and Debbie Tucker Henson, Eldorado Township, Lot B278, Badin Shores. $10,000.

Pamela Harris and Glenn Ray Lee to Pamela Harris and Glenn Ray Lee, James Scott Lee, Pin # 753300818389. $1,000.

Wallace D. Taylor, Claude Lee Howard Taylor to John A. Taylor, Pee Dee Township, Lot 89, Twin Harbor. $0.

Kay B. and William Thomas Brady, Alyshia Brady, Alysha M. Brady, Alyshia M. Brady to J-Mac Properties, LLC, Bradley Craven, Badin Shores, Lot 830. $17,000.

Catherine T. Dunigan, Catherine Tresia Dunigan, Geraldean Dunigan Mayer /AIF to Geraldean Dunigan Mayer, Eldorado Township, Lot 3, 0.456 acre, easement. $1,000.

Burt Mario and Barbara Ann Lewis to Cindy Faye Huffman, Joseph Mario Lewis, John D. Lewis, Adam N. Lewis, Biscoe Township, Tract 1, 67,825 sq. ft. or 1.55 acres, Life Estate. $0.

James P. and Anna M. Ballengee to Calvin Ray and Sharon K. Apple, Uwharrie Township, Lot 1014 and 1015, Carolina Forest. $172,000.

Blair Family, LLC to Caroline’s, LLC, Troy Township, “Restaurant Lot,” 0.06 acre. $40,000.

Robert G. and Sharon Braswell to Tonya S. and Daniel L. Parks, Biscoe Township, Lot 4, Emerywood Forest. $10,500.

Charlene A. Whitt to Richard W. Whitt, Troy Township, Tract 8, 2.000 acres, easement. $0.

Ewing Family, LLC to Angel and Teresa Aldape Munoz, Rocky Springs Township, Tract 1, 78.47 acres. $178,000.

Timothy Eric and Catherine Kern Davis to Timothy Eric Davis, Jackson Springs, 4.15 acres, Poole’s Mill Rd. $0.

Substitute Trustee Services, Inc. /Tr., Lucas M. Schulte-Austum to Bret Kennedy, Trustee’s Deed, 2 lots , Town of Biscoe. $68,000.

Benny L. Jr. and Sherry S. Dunn, Benny L. Dunn to Winfred Lemonds, Troy Township. $12,000.

Ruby L. Hunsucker to Ronald Vance Hunsucker, Troy Township, Life Estate, 2 tracts, Tract 1-1.02 acres, Tract 2-0.20 acre. $0.

Kathy Jenee and John Edgar Watson III to Kathy Jenee Watson, Cheek’s Creek Township, 113.75 acres. $0.

Jacqueline Eden Clarke to Jacqueline Eden and James Edgar Clarke, Pee Dee Township, Lot 126, Twin Harbor. $0.

James Russell Strider, Janice K. Wyatte, Frances S. Strider to James C. Maness, Uwharrie Township, Lot 5, Green Gap Trail. $4,000.

Haywood Management, LLC to Jessica Smith, Uwharrie Township, Lot 314, Woodrun. $101,000.