Land Sales March 7-11

Bill Jr. and Lisa Lynthacum to Orlando Craig and Sherri Davis Cesaro, Little River Township, 75 acres, less exceptions. $15,000.

Tammy Secrist and Donald James Gregory to William and Paula Gregory, 12.00 acres, less exceptions. $15,000.

Brenda S. and Donald H. Tucker, Ruth H. Shaw to Celia Garcia Vazquez, Troy Township, 1 acre, C.C. Wade division. $8,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Martha and Timothy Hill, Pee Dee Township, 2,083 sq. ft., Twin Harbor. $2,500.

Mary Aileen S. Willis to Everado Z. Ortiz, Troy Township, 1 tract. $20,000.

Dianne Dent to Joseph Foster, Troy Township, 55.08 acres. $205,000.

Donald and Mary B. Stallings to Jeffery Lewis Murray, Eldorado Township, Lot 119, Badin Shores. $59,000.

Donald and Mary B. Stallings to Jeffery Lewis Murray, Unit 70, Dock E, Badin Shores Marina Boat Slips. $0.

Rufina Jaimes to Rosalinda Medrano Rodriguez, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 68A, Belle Acres Subdivision. $0.

Celilio Benitez, Cecilio Benitez Perez, Constantina Trujillo Espinoza to Maribel Benitez Trujillo, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 122, Belle Acres Subdivision. $0.

Montgomery Hosiery Mill, Inc., Montgomery Hosiery Mills, Inc. to Roy Kelly Wright Jr., Star Township, 4 tracts. $43,000.

Nellie B. Howell, Janice Norris Gooch, Janice Norris Gooch /AIF to Nellie B. Howell, Janice Norris Gooch, Lot 4, part of Block B, Watkins Division. $1,000.

Von L. Allen, Savannah Freeman Allen, Michael L. Allen /AIF, Michael L. Allen, Von Allen to Judy M. Pruitt, Biscoe Township, various tracts, various parcels. $5,000.

Jose Luis Munoz, Yolanda Juarez, Jose L. Munoz Alba, Yolanda Juares to Jose Luis Munoz, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 115, Belle Acres. $0.

Dana Jean Privett to Jose Manuel Cruz, Biscoe Township, Lot 18, Northwood Acres. $0.

Steve Edgar and Cheryl Boulware Shaffer to Steve Edgar and Cheryl Boulware Shaffer, Kevin R. Shaffer, Jeffery S. Shaffer, Candice S. Shaffer, Pee Dee Township, Lot 177, Twin Harbor. $0.

Chaizong and Xiongmee Lor to Tony and Doua Lee Vang, Mount Gilead Township, Lot 2, 7.19 acres. $0.

Christina Charpentier Poole, Christina Bittle to Russell and Christina Bittle, Pee Dee Township, Lot 187, Twin Harbor. $0.

Michael and Rhonda Iacona to Michael Gene Bailey, Biscoe Township, 1.748 acres. $49,000.

Dawn Dennis Jackson, Beth Dennis Torrence, Dawn Dennis Jackson /AIF to William and Angie Ussery, Biscoe Township, 25,215 sq. ft., Pine St. $120,000.

Uwharrie Custom Millwork, LLC to MCM Triple Enterprise, L.L.C., Troy Township, 3.00 acres. $140,000.

Robert A. and Debbie M. Glisson to Joseph W. Jr. and Elizabeth Anne Davis, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 1. $36,000.