Land Sales April 18-22

Teresa Ledbetter, Teresa Beaver to Teresa Ledbetter, Lot 578, Badin Shores Resort. $0.

Debra Moore Cook, Wilma Dew Moore, Larry Edwin Moore, Dinah E. Moore to Debra Moore Cook, Pee Dee Township, Lot 133 and 134, Twin Harbor. $7,500.

Robert E. Kinch Revocable Trust to North Carolina Department of Transportation, deed for highway right of way, Mt. Gilead Township. $1,500.

Linda and Tony Wray Stewart to Tony Wray Stewart, Uwharrie Township, Woodrun, Lot 30. $0.

Johnny L. McKinnon Jr. to Damika D. Green, Mt. Gilead Township, 16 7/16 acres less exceptions. $6,000.

George M. III and Terrill J. Harris to Gregory Gerald and Wendy Campbell Holland, Uwharrie Township, Lot 1391, Woodrun, .42 acre. $67,500.

Michael J. and Julie M. Kavanagh to Neil Darren and Margaret Kay Huffman, Gregory Gerald and Wendy Campbell Holland, Uwharrie Township, Lot 1391, Woodrun, .42 acre. $202,500.

Billy L. and Sue D. Roark to Billy L. Roark, Troy Township, Lots 1, 2, 8 and 9, Lloyd Arscott Division, 0.79 acre. $0.

Harry L. III and Kim C. Clay to Dawn C. Wilson, Jonathan G. and Christy L. Goodmon, Eldorado Township, Lot B-134, Badin Shores Resort. $118,500.

Eva Reynosa, Eva Reynoso to Johnny Merida Oliver, Biscoe Township, Lot 20, Barber Acres. $8,000.

Margaret E. Preston to Russell Vanhoy, Eldorado Township, Lots 303-307, Pinehaven Estates. $0.

Steven Franklin and Ruth A. Hair to Michael Walters, Troy Township, 3 tracts. $72,000.

Thelma T. Monroe to Monica Monroe and Gregory L. Williams, Biscoe Township, 31.48 acres, easement, right of way. $0.

Donald James and Ashley Stokes Barnes to Thomas E. and Sherry B. Hylton, Eldorado Township, Parcel C, 0.36 acre, Dixie Shores less exception. $485,000.

Adolfo Munoz, Maria D. Aldape to Antonio Hernandez Osorio, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 44, Belle Acres. $14,000.

Kaye Parsons Lewis to Terrion M. Brady, Troy Township, Lot 11, Block F. $33,000.

Robert Joseph Moore, Marilyn Louann Newell to Daniel T. and Julie A. Hunt, Eldorado Township, Badin Shores Resort, Lot 352. $55,000.

Guy Thomas Blalock /ADM., Sylvane Denise M. Blalock /ADM., Guy Thomas Blalock, Lori Blalock, Misty and Michael Blagg, June B. Furr, Chucky L. and Martha H. Chapman, Charles Herman Blalock to Haywood Management, LLC, Mt. Gilead Township, 3 tracts less exceptions, right of way. $10,000

Charles Ricky Strider to Brooke Strider Hunter, Biscoe Township, 2 tracts less exceptions. $0.

Joseph Lloyd and Roxie L. Wheeler to Charles Michael and Barbara F. Hinnant, Uwharrie Township, Lot 746 M, Carolina Forest. $60,000.

Jerry H. Dunn, Phyllis Freeman Dunn, Phyllis A. Dunn to Jerry H. Dunn, Biscoe Township, 1.62 acres. $0.

Janet Kyaw Burwell, Stephen Edward Kyaw to Patricia M. Lahey, Uwharrie Township, Lot 456, Carolina Forest. $2,000.

Minnie R. Wood to Minnie R. Wood, Chris Wood, Troy Township, proposed New Lot 1, 5.00 acres. $0.

Leon and Joyce V. McRae to Gary W. McClendon, Amber N. Carpenter, Cheek’s Creek Township, 75,615 sq.ft., 1.74 acres, right of way. $130,000.

Richard E. Sr. and Joan M. Clayton to Christopher S. and Demetria Bennett, Lot 2, Allenton Ferry, Uwharrie Point. $4,000.

Ryan A. and Shana W. Barclay to Ricky Gene and Debra Kent Miller, Uwharrie Township, recomb and renumb Lot 208, Woodrun. $17,000.

Bentura Cervantes, Bentura Cervantes R. to Shenika Levon Ingram, Jose Carlos Carbajal Tafoya, Star Township. $54,000.

Callie R. Turner, Callie R. Callicutt, Jimmy R. Turner to Jack F. Callicutt, Ophir Township, 1.69 acres. $30,000.

Thomas Juston and Krystal Lynn Elks to Thomas Milton and Sue Ellen Wallace Saunders, Lot 56, Badin Shores Resort. $0.