Land Sales Beginning Sept. 1 (run Sept. 27)

Doris V. Stickney to W. Ray Surratt, 2 tracts, Lot 8, Fairway Shores. $345,000.

Daphine Anderson to Terry Lee and Joy W. Kelly, Eldorado Township, Lot 561 and 808, Badin Lake. $215,000.

Bulthuis Family Trust Dated Oct. 28, 1998 to Troy Neighborhood Development, Troy Township, 0.12 acre. $40,000.

Jason N. and Christina L. Mabe to Crystal and James Goff, Tract 1, 155 and 156, Twin Harbor, Tract 2, 674 sq. ft. $48,000.

Blas P. and Melissa W. Arroyo to Colleen Ann and Sean Gray O’Neal, Eldorado Township, Lot 23, Cottage Lots, Uwharrie Point. $390,000.

Benny D. and Linda M. Pigford to Kevin Dale and Melanie Sedberry Pigford, 5.659 acres, Tract 4. $0.

Pamela S. McClure and Chris S. Harrison to Chris S. Harrison, Lot 205, Twin Harbor. $0.

John W. and Antonia King, Emilia Archila King, Antonia D. King to Brenda Dillard, Pee Dee Township, Lot 54, Twin Harbor. $17,000.

Margaret E. Piccirilli to Neil E. Hansen, Eldorado Township, Lot 2, Spring Rock Acres, 4.13 acres. $240,000.

Jeff Eugene and Chelsey J. Byrum to Wayne’s Rentals, LLC, Troy Township, Lot 8 and 9. $70,000.

Bobby G. and Mildred C. Johnson to Chong Vang and Pia Vang Thao, Mt. Gilead Township, 18 acres. $275,000.

David William Sr. and Charlene Null to Sergio Garcia Martinez, Jennifer Arroyo, Troy Township, 2 parcels less exceptions. $125,000.

Martin H. and Janice Rudisill to Keith A. Overton, Daniel W. Threadgill, Eldorado Township, Badin Shores, Lot-B-34. $13,000.

Douglas W. and Patricia A. Hudgston to Carlton Brad Thompson, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, Lot 45. $30,000.

Ella Marie Godwin to Anthony D. Helms, Asa Callicutt Helms, Pee Dee Township, Lot 61, Swift Island Plantation. $40,000.

Pamela Blake and James A. McIntosh to John A. McIntosh, Woodrun, Lot 45. $7,500.

Thomas S. Jr. and Connie H. Bryant to Thomas S. Bryant Jr., Lot B, Badin Shores. $0.

Thomas L. Lynch to Heather B. Friedman, Eldorado Township, Badin Shores, Lot-B-81. $42,500.

Andrew Hunter Simpson to Stacia A. Ward Johnson, Lots 422, 443-445, Holiday Shores. $0.

Julie A. and Michael S. Moore to Christopher K. and Susan M. Barbee, Eldorado Township, Lot 51, Pinehaven Estates. $355,000.

Timothy D. and Kitty S. Sapp to Richard Schoonover Jr., Eldorado Township, Lot B-285, Badin Shores. $17,000.

Elizabeth S. Sanders to Woodrun Association, Inc., Uwharrie Township, Lot 1501, Woodrun. $0.

Mary A. and William A. Saunders to Joaquin Rogel Barrueta, Biscoe Township, 0.38 acre. $13,500.

Julia Morelos Cruz, Julia Morelos Isidro to Wendy Betancourt Herrera, Lot 11, Sandhill Acres. $20,000.

Henry R. Pennix, Henry R. Pennix II /GND to Kevin and Cheryl Crutchfield, Lot 147, Dixie Shores. $146,000.

Isias P. Salazar, Yolanda J. Vasquez, Isaias Salazar to Ynes J. Salazar, Maria Reyes, Biscoe Township, Lot 5, Westbridge, private road less exceptions. $0.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Charles Steve and Jacqline M. Crews, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, 1,767 sq. ft. $2,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Clarence H. and Betty W. Staton, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, 1,029 sq. ft. $1,500.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Michael Herman and Sue Rushing Litaker, Rebecca Litaker McKercher, Pee Dee Township, Twin Harbor, 455 sq. ft. $1,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Jack Robert Taylor, Pee Dee Township,784 sq. ft., Twin Harbor. $1,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Stephen R. and Kimberly A. Speelman, Pee Dee Township, 849 sq. ft., Twin Harbor. $1,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Nicholas Starnes, Leah Pack, Pee Dee Township, 260 sq. ft., Twin Harbor. $1,000.

Twin Harbor Association, Inc. to Joel Richard and Cathy Carnes, Pee Dee Township, 1,026 sq. ft., Twin Harbor. $1,500.

Krystal Luv Young Moton, Krystal Luy Young, Richard Moton, Michael D. Clegg, Larry Elwood Clegg Jr. to John Lewis and Annie Ruth Young, Rocky Springs Township, Tract 1, 1.21 acres, Tract 2, 1.00 acre, Life Estate. $0.

Victoria B. Miller to James R. Miller, Badin Shores, Lot 630. $0.

Edward P.R. Jr. and Elaine C. Hull to Margaret Frances Jones, Eldorado Township, Lots 171 and 172, Twin Harbor. $15,000.

Amanda R. and Thomas P. Teigue to Jonathan and Brooke Barham, Eldorado Township, Lot 745, Badin Shores. $48,000.

Timmy J. and Laura Hoover to Rosas Ponce Barruetta, Biscoe Township, 0.063 acre. $47,500.

Floyd Eugene and Cynthia Merritt Morris to James Wiley Price, Lot 168, Heron Bay. $25,000.

Emerywood Forest North, LLC to Robert L. Fowler, Troy Township, 3.05 acres, multiple lots, Forest Hills. $0.

Joyce Greene and James Alvin Freeman, Joyce Greene Simmons to Joyce Greene and James Alvin Freeman, 1.10 acres. $0.

Randy Harris Morris, Lois Inez Harris, Heather M. and John Jones, John T. Jones to Heather M. and John Jones, Eldorado Township, 3 tracts. $0.

Thomas A. and Amanda F. Bruton to Jordan Timberlands, Inc., Mt. Gilead Township, 3 tracts, 57.81 acres. $93,500.

David J. and Melissa McQuage to Scott and Mary McComb, Pee Dee Township, Lots 46 and 47, Twin Harbor. $68,000.

Randy William and Rebecca Bost Clay to Linda K. Kirby, Regina Ann Hambright, Uwharrie Township, Lots 556 and 557, Carolina Forest. $550,000.

Caroline Dawn Maser, Dawn J. Maser, C. Dawn Maser to Clinton Kesler Jr. and Leigh Gentry Atkinson, Eldorado Township, 0.22 acre. $387,000.

Timmy J. and Laura Hoover to Rosas Ponce Barruetta, Biscoe Township, 5,007 sq. ft. $0.