Glenda F. Kendrick to Curtis and Hilda Kendrick, Timothy M. Kendrick, Joshua S. Kendrick, Eldorado Township, Lot B-106, Badin Shores Resort. $0.

Jerry W. Cotton to Katie S. Long, Lot 10, Lot 10-A, Badin Shores Resort. $24,000.

Brittany A. Shifflett, April L. Shifflett, Matthew S. Shifflett, Brittany Shifflett to Vicente B. and Elvira R. Aberion, Uwharrie Township, Lot 409, Woodrun. $1,000.

Catherine Taylor and Robert L. Fussell Jr. to Michael Keith and Donna Renee Davenport, Troy Township, 2 tracts. $150,000.

Amy C. Andrews, Amy Cole Green, James J. Andrews to Jeremy S. Smith, Star Township, 1.33 acres. $10,000.

Village Capital & Investment, LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Tract 1, Lot 8, Fairway Shores, Tract 2, 1,307.91 sq. ft., less exceptions. $0.

W. L. and Mabeline J. Webb to Roy Lee Myrick Jr., Lots 61 and 62, Main Street, Hyde Park. $500.

Joseph J. and Janet G. Ondishko to Marshall J. Jr. and Sharon M. Dove, Uwharrie Township, recon. Lot 73, 1.05 acres. $242,000.

Barney Jackson Maness and Nona Ruth Maness Revocable Trust to Michael L. and Misty W. Maness, Jeffery L. and Dianne C. Maness, Little River Township, 2 tracts, Tract 1, 18.05 acres; Tract 2, 76.37 acres. $300,000.

Larry R. and Teresa M. Hawley to Mildred Dravich, Charles Joseph Piccirilli, Lot 151, Phase 7, Heron Bay. $17,500.

Dan Anthony and Frances Kay Green to Calvin Green, Mt. Gilead Township, 2.0 acres, less exceptions. $0.

Delores S. and James Edward Kelly to Delores S. Kelly, Ronald Edward Kelly, 31.4 acres, Lot 2. $1,000.

Mary Greene, Mary Green, Barney Greene to Mary Greene, Mary Green, Cornelia Ethel Greene, 16.22 acres. $1,000.

James Michael and Katherine Routh Grigg to Edward N. and Terry L. Liles, Eldorado Township, Lot 11, Lake Forest. $423,000.

Pedro Vera Rodriguez, Guadalupe Jimenez Garcia to Gonzalo Arredondo Lule, Adriana Perez Yanes, Star Township, Lots 37-41, Grimes and Cline Lots. $45,000.

Angel Juarez Merida to Juventino Hernandez Reyes, Marisol Hernandez Granados, Rocky Springs Township, 1.00 acre, Sandhills Acres. $0.

Misty Wood Pierce to Clyde F. Wood Jr., Uwharrie Township, Lot 876M, Carolina Forest. $0.

Kay Greene and Richard Huneycutt, Richard B. Huneycutt to Christopher C. and Christina M. Hinson, Mount Gilead Township, 2 tracts, less exceptions. $72,500.

Terri T. Parnell, Terri T. Smith, Jacob Smith to Terri T. and Jacob Smith, 2 parcels less exceptions. $0.

Hoyle B. Long, Tana Long and Dwayne E. Huneycutt to Mitzi Kay and Johnny Lee Beck, Pee Dee Township, Lots 6 and 7, Twin Harbor. $15,000.

Johnny B. Jr. and Patricia A. Johnson to Jeffrey Neal and Helene Dennelle Glosson, Pee Dee Township, Parcel B, 0.69 acre, Fairway Shores. $615,000.

Ewing Family, LLC to Fernando Oliver Castro, Silvia L. Zavala, Rocky Springs Township, Lot 1, 1.94 acres. $14,000.

Sherrill Alan and Sandra J. Pope to John Sciadini, Lot B-160, Lot B-160-A, Badin Shores Resort. $187,000.