45 years ago

This week in 1971…

January 1971 marked the beginning of the 13th year that North Carolina schools have been aided by funds from Title III of the National Defense Education Act (NDEA). During this period Montgomery County schools have received a total of $101,714.86 in NDEA funds. The bill, enacted by Congress in 1958, has been provided an accumulated total of $22,799,083.-79 in Federal Funds for the purpose of improving instruction in various academic subjects in the elementary and secondary school. All students in grades 1-12 in the public school of North Carolina have benefited from NDEA Title III, according to Joseph B. Webb, state coordinator of the program.

Troy School Principal Charles Russell receives two checks for improving the school’s facilities. Mrs. Julia Ewing, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee of the Troy Child Study Club, presents a check from the club for $100 to be used to replace curtains in the school auditorium. Mrs. Mary Franklin, representing the Bridgette Club presents Russell a check in the amount of $277.56 for the purchase of books to be placed in the school library. The Child Study Club, in addition to making this contribution, recently voted to give $50 toward the Troy Summer Recreation program, and $30 to send a disadvantaged child to 4-H Summer Camp.

35 years ago

This week in 1981…

The Board of Trustees of Montgomery Technical Institution approved bids for construction of an addition to the building in Troy and authorized the architect to let contracts on the project. The new addition will contain 8,900 square feet, and will consist of three shops and four classrooms.

Charles Smith of Mt. Gilead, teacher at Highland School, accepted a certificate aquarium and check on behalf of his sixth grade class from Charles Wheeler, assistant vice-president for research vessel the competition was among all sixth graders throughout North Carolina.

25 years ago

This week in 1991…

The 1991 Montgomery County Special Olympics were held at West Montgomery High School. Over 50 athletes competed in the event which was sponsored by the Civitan Club. Participants in the 1991 Special Olympics included Tonya Smith, Dominique Henry, Steve Pope, Wiley Ward, and Ida Stutts.

Biscoe Mayor D.C. Deaton assists owners Sherri Dunn and Nancy Jenkins in opening Biscoe Florist. Commissioner Harry McIver, Danny Pilot of Myrick Construction, Inc. and floral designer Eleanor Stutts were also there.

15 years ago

This week in 2001…

Students and teachers at Troy Elementary School worked hard for the March of Dimes. Carolyn Needham, school chairperson, along with staff, organized many activities which allowed the school reach its goal. Mrs. S. Batten’s and Mrs. M. Ingram’s kindergarten class were the winners for the highest amount of money collected.

West Montgomery High School Principal Dr. Art Paschal names B.W. Holt, a member of West’s first graduating class (1962), the school’s new head football coach and athletic director. Holt was the seventh coach to head the Warriors on the gridiron and the first West alumnus.

10 years ago

This week in 2006…

Teddy Bear Affair was held at Montgomery Memorial Hospital with 391 Montgomery County first graders in attendance. Prior to the event, MMH PAVE Club members formed an assembly line to build “goodie bags” for the kids.

The Montgomery County JobLink Career Center held its fourth annual Career Fair on Montgomery Community College campus. Over 30 different businesses and agencies from Montgomery and surrounding counties were represented at the fair.