45 years ago

This week in 1972…

The new “Arcadian” Bell instrument was installed last week at Troy’s First Baptist Church to update the tower chimes equipment given by Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Pipkin in memory of their parents, Elisha E. and Evelyn Pratt Pipkin and Alson B. and Tamar Albright Nicholson. This new bell instrument, contained in a cabinet only 33 inches high, has a tonal equivalent of a cast bell weighing 6 1/2 tons. An exclusive design of Schulmerich Carillon, Inc. of Sellersville, Pa., this instrument consists of a miniature bell ton generator which is struck by a small metal hammer, producing exact bell tones almost inaudible to the human ear. These tones are then amplified over one million times by means of specially designed electronic equipment producing true bell tones which are far superior to the tones of traditional cast bells of massive proportions.

The Page Memorial United Methodist Church Youth Fellowship of Biscoe held a 26-mile bike-a-thon. Friends, relatives and businesses sponsored individual youth with the understanding that they would give a certain amount for each mile traveled. The youth chose a scenic route from Biscoe to Samarkand Manor and back. The $300 collected will be used toward the opening of a youth center in the town of Biscoe.

35 years ago

This week in 1982…

A Biscoe policeman was injured when the patrol car he was driving was sideswiped by a vehicle which crossed the centerline on U.S. 220 in Biscoe. Officer James William Davis and Michael Martin Jr., the driver of the second vehicle, were taken to Montgomery Memorial Hospital for treatment after the 1:40 a.m. accident.

Montgomery County’s October unemployment rate remained unchanged from September’s 10.8 percent, but signs are pointing to an increase in November and December. “It appears that the number is only going to head up,” said Harry Baltes, director of the local Employment Security office. Baltes said they processed 40 people last week who were separated from their jobs with no work available. This week, they will process between two and three thousand claims for workers in the county who are on short time. Unfortunately, there is no work available as the ESC office has only three job orders to fill at this time.

25 years ago

This week in 1992…

Mt. Gilead was host to the Red Cross Bloodmobile. The Amity Club sponsored the drive. Bloodmobile coordinator Ellen Brown said, “We would like to offer thanks to the 35 people coming out and the Red Cross volunteers giving of their time and talent. Thirty-two pints of blood were collected. Congratulations go to John R. Scarboro for being a “first-time” donor.

Montgomery Community College was the recent recipient of the “Betty M. Reynolds Endowed Scholarship” from the Centel Independent Telephone Pioneer Association (ITPA). The $3,000 endowment will generate interest to provide an annual scholarship for an individual to attend Montgomery Community College. Betty M. Reynolds, a resident of Troy, was honored by the Centel Pioneers for her years of service with the company. In making the award, a Pioneers’ board of directors’ spokesman stated, “It is an honor to be able to designate this scholarship on her behalf. She has indeed not only been an asset to this organization, but also to Centel and her community.”

15 years ago

This week in 2002…

The Biscoe Fire Department visited pre-K, kindergarten, first-, second-, and third-grade classes at Star-Biscoe Elementary School. The firemen discussed and demonstrated fire safety tips. Students enjoyed looking at the different fire equipment. The fire department brought coloring books and fun activity books for students to enjoy.

A 19-year-old sailor from Seagrove is the artist behind this year’s Star Post Office Christmas Cancellation. Jonathan Morgan’s mother, Thelma Morgan, said he drew the railroad car and gift-laden passengers for Star’s annual competition a couple of years ago, but kept forgetting to enter it. After joining the Navy this summer, he contacted his mom from boot camp and asked her to submit this year.

10 years ago

This week in 2007…

Montgomery County Board of Commissioners has its first woman chairperson. At the annual board organization meeting, Commissioner Sally Morris was elected unanimously, along with Vice Chairman Dolan Corbett, on a motion by former Chairman Bill Maness.

The Eastside Cowboys flag football team held their annual trophy ceremony and pizza party at First Baptist Church in Biscoe. “We worked very hard on learning the basics of the game and the rules of sportsmanship,” Coach Reggie Jackson said. He thanked assistant coaches, Jeff Smith and Wayne Joyce, with helping the team have an undefeated season.