45 years ago

This week in 1972…

The fourth-grade students of Joan Jackson and Martha Walker presented a special program to the student body of Biscoe School. The program was divided into three parts: The Nativity, Winter Wonderland and The Joys of Christmas. All the students participated and portrayed such characters as Koo Koo; Frosty, the Snowman; Suzy Snowflake; Rudolph; and Santa Claus.

Electric Power in Carolina (EPIC), a cooperative of cities and rural cooperatives, is planning construction of its major nuclear power generating station south of Albemarle in Stanly County. EPIC officials, acting on a detailed engineering study, decided last week to proceed with its plans for a new power system to serve 44 cities, of which Albemarle is one, and 28 electric cooperatives.

35 years ago

This week in 1982…

Kecia Hancock of Seagrove became the reigning “Miss Merry Christmas” as she won the crown held this past year by Sonya Maness. Catherine Saunders of Biscoe was crowned “Little Miss Merry Christmas” by her predecessor Tammy Brewer.

Montgomery County Sheriff Wayne Wooten was called to investigate after three hunters found a badly decomposed body in a wooded area four miles west of Troy. According to Capt. W. A. Walser, who, along with Detective Terry Blue, joined Sheriff Wooten at the scene, the man apparently died because of a hunting accident. The victim’s gun was found next to the body. The deterioration of the victim indicated that he had been dead for several months, possibly since August.

25 years ago

This week in 1992…

It will be business as usual next week when Dr. Charles Watras reopens his clinic in the rear of the Montgomery Surgical Building. The physician’s former office was destroyed by fire early this week, apparently triggered by a faulty heating unit. “Our offices will open Monday morning at 9 a.m.,” said Cathy Brown, an employee in Watras’ office. “It’s going to be a little hectic, but we think everything will work out.”

If Montgomery County residents were dreaming of a white Christmas, they got their wish – but just a couple of days late. Residents waking Monday found a blanket of ice had covered much of the county while it slept Sunday night. Although the crystal covering was beautiful, it did cause some minor problems.

15 years ago

This week in 2002…

The 46th annual Miss Merry Christmas pageant was held at the East Montgomery Auditorium. Under the direction of Janet Hogan, the pageant saw 25 girls compete for the title of Little Miss and 15 young ladies compete for the title of Miss Merry Christmas. The history of the pageant dates back to 1956, beginning one year after the parade. The Halcyon Woman’s Club took over running the parade and pageant in 1970 from the Star Rotary Club.

The entire student body and staff at West Middle School have a vision to help sick children and their families. Four years ago, Sam Cleveland got his students to begin collecting drink can tabs for Ronald McDonald houses when he was teaching at Troy Elementary School. He said they had collected 1,000 or so, and when he came to West Middle, “it took off.” Approximately 300,000 tabs have been accumulated over the past four years. The money that is raised from the tabs will go to the Ronald McDonald program.

10 years ago

This week in 2007…

An eight-grader at East Middle, Patricia Huhn, visited residents at Autumn Care and handed out stuffed animals to those who wanted them. “I had too much and these people didn’t have any,” Huhn said about the reason for the visit. “I knew it would make them feel good.”