Swim team

Left to right: Nathan Hensley, Garrett Richardson, Garner Thomas and Jackson Richardson. Hensley, Thomas and Jackson Richardson were this year’s seniors. The boys’ swim team shaved five seconds off of their best time in the 400-yard freestyle relay. Thomas said he was glad to end the season on such a high note. “We all thought we could could bring our times down,” he said. “We were motivated to go out with a bang and improve our time in our last race ever. I’m glad we did.”

The Timberwolves’ boys’ swim team set a new record in the 400-yard freestyle during the regional meet on Saturday in Greensboro. 

The boys finished the event in 4:15.91, which beats their previous best time in that event by 5 seconds, according to head swim coach Jason Hensley. 

The record time earned them ninth place, which Hensley said is the highest they’ve ever finished. 

The boys also competed in two other events, the 200-yard medley relay and the 200-yard freestyle relay. They finished 12th in the medley relay with a time of 2:12.90, and 11th in the freestyle relay with a time of 1:52.91.

For the full story, see the February 10 issue of the Montgomery Herald.