Team visit

TEAM VISIT - Players from the 1967 football team recently visited their former coach, Glenn Langdon, to give him the team ball and trophy, following the county high school memorbalia sale. Front, from left, John Richardson, Bill Peterson and Tommy Blake. Back, from left, Riley Phillips, Coach Langdon, Bill Hudson, Bruce McNeill and Talmadge Scarborough.

In early May, the county conducted an auction of East and West Montgomery high schools’ memorabilia; and for many, including a few players from the 1967 East Montgomery varsity football team, who in that year won the conference and the district while on their way to the state playoffs, that created a feeling of nostalgia.     

When the feeling of nostalgia is felt, it can lead people to do some incredible things, and that is exactly what these players did as they bid on and won the football that they signed from 1967. They didn’t stop there. The players also won the bid on the trophy from 1967 that they were awarded when they won the district.

To read the full story see the July 14th edition of the Montgomery Herald