Timberwolves’ Basketball

REBOUND - Keyshon Ingram, left, of the Timberwolves battles with Ethan Ottosen-I for a rebound in the basketball tournament held at West Montgomery.

MC vs. Storm

Timberwolves’ men’s head coach, Randy Jordan, was the cog that turned the wheels resulting in the Australia Storm’s coming to Montgomery County to play in the holiday basketball tournament. 

“This is more than basketball,” stated Jordan. “This is a great thing for our kids, our schools, our community to be participating in an international basketball tournament. I get emotional just talking about it. This is an opportunity few high school kids get to experience. Meeting people from an entirely different culture - it is educational and it’s fun.” 

The Timberwolves hosted the Storm in the first round of the tournament on Dec. 27. Senior Q.J. Drake and Keyshon Ingram did much of the work for the Timberwolves early, and then Tobias Horne came on strong late to lead the home team to a 93 – 62 victory over the Storm.